Saturday, January 11, 2014


good EARLY morning to you!

:: ici ::

as you can see, i am messing around with my blog once again!

yesterday, i was experimenting, and...i ran out of time! 

i had to get to work... i had to leave "mid stream"!

this morning i finished the new banner and font. it will be fun for a while.

i must admit, blogger has been a bit temperamental of late!

i have had some difficulty leaving comments this week!

:: ici ::

today is going to be busy.

when i finish here, i am down to the family room staging area

for the last of the Christmas "purge and shelve"!

then it's time to shower and take Mom for new make up!

:: ici ::
(ooooooh i love all of those slouchy boots, right now!)

she has been wanting to try mineral makeup.

  so...that's what Mr D and i gave her for Christmas!

mind you, my sweet Mr D went to work at 3 am, (this

morning), so he could be home for the Seahawks game at 1:45!

it's crazy around here!

:: ici ::

our HAWKS have to tackle the SAINTS today.

(just the name SAINTS and it's divine connection always 

makes me nervous!)


samedi bleu!

(i am beginning to think as long

as we are winning, every day is going to be blue around the 

Pacific Northwest! i told you that it is crazy around here!)

have a great day in YOUR Saturday shoes!


Friday, January 10, 2014


bonjour Friday!

:: ici ::

most of you know that i work in the field of health care.

it's been one year since our private practice

was sold to the largest health organization in our city and county.   

last year at this time i was stressed to the max, on the 

threshold of going to work for a new, HUGE company. my biggest fear

was learning the new computer programs.

the year was jam packed with learning.  the field of health care

is on a fast track of transition.

i am grateful for a good job at this time in my life.

i only have four and one half years until retirement.

 on New Year's Eve, (when i was sick as a dog

with that horrendous virus) , i received one of my best performance

reviews...ever, from my manager, who happens to be the

very same age as my daughter.  it's was one of those

moments where "livelihood" crossed over into "life and living".

:: ici ::

now that i am on the subject of  L I V I N G ...

what i have never told you is that our private practice

included a MediSpa. 

when MultiCare purchased our practice, they kept the spa.

i don't visit the spa often...only once last year.

the lovely thing is...that...yesterday, through our office intranet,

the MediSpa visited ME with a WELLNESS tip that i 

thought that i would share with all of you!

something that can be done everyday.

i am telling you, last night, i tried a few.

i slept so much better.

i tweaked my upper back when i was coughing last week.

when i woke up... the tweak was gone.

it could be a coincidence, but...i'll take it!

this morning, before i head upstairs to try all 5,

 i am paying this tip forward to all of you!

  1. Toe Points: Lay on your back and extend your feet, pointing your toes as straight as you can. Hold for several seconds as you take a deep breath, then flex your feet, bringing your toes back toward your legs and hold. Repeat at your own speed for a great lower leg and ankle stretch.
  2. Knees to Chest: Bend your knees and hug them to your chest as you exhale. Take a breath and bring your knees closer as you exhale for a deep hamstring stretch. This is also a great way to relieve lower back tension. Try it from the floor for even better results.
  3. Spinal Twists: Keeping your knees bent, extend your arms away from your body to the bed. Slowly lower both knees to one side, twisting for a spine stretch. Hold for several seconds, then raise your knees and lower to the other side. 
  4. Chest Stretch: Straighten your legs, move to the edge of the bed and extend one arm off the side, allowing it to relax as you feel a stretch across your chest. As you exhale, allow your arm to drop a little lower. Repeat on the other side of the bed to stretch both sides of your chest.
  5. Neck Relaxer: Back in the center of the bed, keep your shoulders still as you try to touch an ear to one side on an exhale. Hold for a few breaths, then bring your head back to center on an inhale. Repeat on the other side for a deep neck stretch.
The health benefits of gentle stretching are numerous. By adding a few simple stretches into your daily routine, you can alleviate stress, increase range of motion, improve circulation and flexibility, and more.

have a wonderful weekend!

stay warm!

i'll be by to catch up on my visits.

as always, i so appreciate your lovely, kind, gracious, and

sometimes, very helpful comments!

before i go...i have to say it...GO HAWKS!

:: ici ::

bleu vendredi!

( i am so touched by l'esprit d'équipe in the Pacific Northwest right now!)


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January's pink post!

rose éclectique!

en pointe?    encore!

...mid century, meet madame baroque! 

oooooooh,  guilt free "Danish", with coffee...


bohemian graphic...

a pretty canvas for a private collection with a seat for a sea star!

(it just takes five minutes...

...don't forget to check on the girls!)


all images are from pink ribbon here!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

give me winter white!


 i'm back!

i'm cleaning!

i'm cooking!

...still not a 100%


...catching up with January!

...bringing back some of my favorite things!

...loving the thought of Winter whites, and

a transition from green fresh. 

{the image above is from Nancy Fishelson - here}


Christmas has moved to a staging area in the family room.

there is some cleaning, ironing, gluing, sorting and purging to 

do. my goal is to take our decor from 6 boxes to 4!  i plan to 

pack and store it differently this year.  it has become more 

difficult for me to "crawl" into the 4 foot high crawl space 

under the house to retrieve the boxes. i do pride myself at my 

agility, but it's time to use some common sense.

Yvonne at StoneGable has a great post about  organizing Christmas - here.

 the dining room and farm table are neat and tidy,

styled simply with pretty pieces of cream and white.

the kids gave me some beautiful serving pieces for 

Christmas! three of the pieces that i received are

pictured here. a pretty soup tureen, an

 amazing extra large platter, and a carving board,

with a "well" to catch the juices, beneath the large 

platter. the pieces are perfect with the vintage 

ironstone that i have acquired through the years.

(Chrislyn clued Jay in about the platter

when she saw me drag out an old blue hand me down at 

Thanksgiving.) she did a wonderful job choosing the tureen. 

it looks like it could be an antique, although it is 

truly shiny and new. the new pieces are are soft and organic. 

they have a handcrafted appearance and "feel".

 i also received six fun lion head bowls for French 

onion soup, seafood chowders, and hearty side dishes.

Jay kept his Le Creuset tradition on going with

a pretty covered oval red stoneware roaster. i know that i 

will be baking something yummy in it to share before long.

with all the moving and grooving before Christmas,

the French roll top landed in the corner of the dining room.

i need to pull it away from the wall a bit.

the rearranging and reorganizing had to come to a 

halt once the tree arrived and Christmas came out to play.

i still have some unpacking to do from the carpet installation 

...and a white paint project 

that i ran out of light, time and energy to share. 

the red transfer ware has been replaced with

French cream mugs and my wedding stoneware,

Denby "Gypsy" teacups.  could this be my

my little interpretation of the color of the year?

are you ready for Radiant Orchid?