Friday, January 31, 2014


she let me know she was ready for her arrival at three o'clock

on a Friday afternoon, 31 years ago.

we worked overtime all weekend.

i joke about my various Lamaze focal points, including the

cast of SNL 1983. after Saturday night live, we headed to the hospital.

that year, the Dolphins played the Redskins on

Superbowl Sunday!

during the game my "focal point" was

a rookie quarterback named Dan Marino.

if you are old enough to remember, behind that face mask were those piercing blue eyes!

i worked in the fashion industry, a buyer for Frederick & Nelson, (a division of

Marshall Field & Company).

my hospital bed was filled with Vogue, Mademoiselle, Elle (the French version, as it

didn't hit America until 1985) , Glamour and WWD (Women's Wear Daily).

the "it girl" in 1983 was Kim Alexis! ...more beautiful blues!


Chrislyn  was strong and resilient.

i should have known immediately that she would know 

how to go the distance! 

she made it to the finish line, via "Section C" on Monday afternoon, at 12:10 pm.

she was beautiful.

she still is.

one of the rare times she has arrived late,

she is now a stickler for being on time!

fresh out of college she interned as an administrative aide to a senator in the Washington state

legislature, after that, she ran a grassroots state senate campaign, and  landed a job as an

administrative aide, specializing in community outreach, for a King County councilman.

she would send me email saying..."Mom, look who popped into the office today!"

(yes, that is who you think it is! )

Chrislyn and Jason 2008

she met wonderful Jason.

Chrislyn and Jason 2009

they became engaged and married in 2009.

together they have been living and loving a faith - based life,

running an occasional marathon and half marathon,

and delivering a wagon load of  more precious baby blue focal points.

happy birthday, precious Chrislyn, you have brought us all so much joy!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014


(something that you won't see every day.)

the Empire State Building has a place in almost every American

girl's heart. back in the 80's,  i conducted business  here about four times

a year.  to think that it's decked out celebrating my home town, is an

honor!  i remember my first time in the building, i arrived early for

my appointment to rush to the top!  it was January...a day like today...a magic city on ice!

 i'm a going to go completely cliché here!

we are "Sleepless in Seattle" as we anticipate 

Sunday's "Affair To Remember"!



Sunday, January 26, 2014

JUST ONE PIC! ...forever glassybaby...GO HAWKS!





just LOOK what i found!


go HERE to read all about it!

 i am now headed to FB to spread the news to the rest of the 12's!