Friday, April 4, 2014


helloooo lovelies!

it's the weekend!

and...the first Saturday that Mr D hasn't had to work in over a month!

the forecast ?

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 ten dollar French wine...

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...and bites!  

                  “there is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. use both and overlook neither.”
                        ― Alan Cohen

image found at ZsaZsa Bellagio...
 (if this is your art...please, do tell! )

Monday, March 31, 2014


hellooooo lovelies!

in the midst of the weekend rains, i took advantage of a little

sun break to share some "around here"!

Mr D worked all weekend. 

on Sunday, he worked 15 hours. he called me at 3:30, knowing that i

would be starting dinner, and said..."plan dinner at eight!"

i tossed the Caesar salad at first sight of the "deep blue Expo".

his steak went under the broiler...cooked rare  and was served with sauteed onions and 

mushrooms, steamed broccoli...and new potatoes baked in butter and herbs de Provence.

i made enough for an encore for his lunch at work, today.  

i caught up with the laundry, cleaned, shopped, and visited Mom and Dad.

Spring cleaning means even...dusting...the "dust jackets" and  lot's of purging and

rearranging. i changed all of the batteries in the flameless candles and lanterns,

resetting the timers to pop on at 6...instead of 5...due to daylight saving time.

after reading this article posted by one of my facebook friends,

i also organized our battery drawer.  her husband is a fireman in Seattle.

here is my favorite blog spot!

you can see the dent from my lower back on the lumbar pillow, and a tiny peek at my favorite

quilt on the right. the Chocolate Gousse keeps my feet warm

on the floor beneath the quilt.  Maria's Dreamy White lavender filled pillow sachets

 are in every room of our home.

on Saturday, while i was at Mom and Dad's house, Dad asked me if i had an extra 

lavender pillow.   he said, "Mom and i share hers."

"we keep it in the middle between our pillows."  Mom piped in..."somehow

it always ends up under his pillow!"  i told them that i would bring them another

pillow next week so they wouldn't have to share any longer. 

( i always have a couple of Maria's lavender pillows on hand for giving! )

  we use my Lane campaign style cedar chest as our coffee table.  it's forty two years old.

for those of you around my you remember when Lane furniture

sent you a miniature cedar chest when you graduated from high school?

...or you could go pick it up at your nearest furniture store.

it was called The Lane Graduation Chest Promotion.  Mr D still uses my miniature cedar chest to

hold his odds and ends.  i read that the company went out of business in 2001.

a few weeks ago, i set eyes on this pale aqua-grey linen pillow at Home Goods.

can you see the four "fleur de lis" that make up the medallion design?

i purchased two.

they look fabulous with our Restoration Hardware Outlet pillows.

i immediately felt a French linen meets Tory Burch vibe!'

a nice update for 2014...

Tory Burch is "big stuff" right now! 

the "chandy" is still decked in natural burlap.

 i didn't tire of this look.  it transitioned nicely through Fall and Winter.

 the egg and twig garland is just the right amount of whimsy to carry it to Easter.

( i'll change it in May.)

more egg and twig garland was placed on the bottle drier to compliment the

 Denby Gypsy teacups. this is the pattern i registered for our wedding.

  each piece is hand painted following the same concept of design and colors of glaze.

the pottery emerges with a subtle-magical difference after it's baked in the kiln.

i love the artisan appeal of the stoneware.

the resilience of Denby is amazing. i have only broken a few pieces in over 40 years.

Chrislyn registered Denby, it's durability does not disappoint.

my mother's childhood copy of Peter Rabbit...

...opened to the page where  he ate Mr McGregor's French beans.

perhaps the sweetest bunny tale of all...

a little bunny from Oso... so frightened by the landslide...that he (or she) ran right into

 the arms of a rescue worker!

we don't need a Hollywood Noah when we have our own version of the real deal.

arranging...rearranging...reminiscing...just like when i bring out Christmas.

Chrislyn and Jay's kindergarten clay art chicks have hatched once again...


(i am a bit behind on my blog visits! i'll be catching up tomorrow morning at coffee!)