Saturday, June 28, 2014


Mr  D and i had a dinner date.

"grandma, grandpa...

should we go to the Disney Store?"

"yes, Holland."

all of the sale's associates in the store said...OMG!

she looks just like Princess Anna!

(she did not choose Princess Anna!)

she checked out Doc McStuffins.

(she did not choose Doc Mc Stuffins.)

after shopping, it was time for dinner.

after she finished her dinner, she stood up and said, "grandma, grandpa...

are we going to have dessert?"

the moment she finished her sentence, our waitress and her

counterparts were at our table with an illuminated strawberry cupcake!

( perfect timing!)

she politely offered to share a bite with both of us...and proceeded to dig in to her dessert!
( nice job to Mommy and Daddy on the sharing part!)

as for her choice at the Disney Store?

she went for the Classics!

Mr D had Disney music programmed into Pandora!

we sang all the way home!

Bibbidi ~ Bobbidi ~ BOO!


"how do you know the song?"

"it's MAGIC, Holland!"

( Chrislyn posted this on facebook at bedtime.)

the magic grows with each generation!

partying all weekend...the weekend...the wedding!


( i had mentioned in a previous post that i was going to show you the awesome tunic that i purchased for Holland's under the sea party today, but it didn't ship by Wednesday, so i cancelled the order.
it's not a big deal!  especially after last night!)

Friday, June 27, 2014


this morning...

...making America's favorite Summer salad en France!

bringing it twice this weekend!

plaisirs simples de la vie savourant!

how does one say "pot luck" in French?

la fortune du pot?

help me, Anita!

happy weekend, lovelies!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


after dinner on Sunday it was outside with the last few

sips of wine to cut Lavender.

my precious pale pink  fuchsia was a transplant from my 

Grandmother Bozzello's garden when we purchased our home 35

 years ago. she bought and planted it in her garden the year i was born.

Grandma always said it was my plant.

...a celebration of the pink in her life!

she was so excited about having a granddaughter, as she raised boys.

the Hummingbirds love my Baby Girl Pink vintage fuchsia!

i decided to head out front to take in some color.

the day lilies arrive at the same time we start hearing fireworks!

chronométré parfaitement!

this week, i will cut the pale Lavender out front with my

morning coffees before work. 

the hydrangea will be blooming soon!

i can't wait to clip the blooms for drying!

i added Dash & Albert "sprout and ivory" stripes to SUMMERIZE the front porch!

(my toes are begging for a pedi and some polish!)


revisiting last weekend...

...just bits and pieces of  life and times around 34th street.

it began before dawn on Saturday...i showered after Mr D left for work

and headed over for wake ups and breakfast with the "Grands"!

Holland is a little "Crabby Appleton" when she wakes.

Mr Ben is a beam of sunshine!

they love the breakfast table.  we were seated and singing with chocolate milk...

...waiting for Mama to return from Seattle.

Holland's favorite lullaby is "Edelweiss" and Ben's is "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"!

awhile back, i introduced "the Lollipop Song" to them.

 they love it when i get to the "pop" and the "bah - bah -  boom - boom"!

 it's hilarious watching them try to make the pop sound themselves.

YouTube has tons of versions.

if you have a toddler in your life, i promise you...this is a HIT!

Chrislyn stopped at Whole Foods for pastries after she dropped Jason off for the marathon.

i taught Holland Grace to say pan au chocolat and croissant aux amandes !

she loved saying croissant!

"croissant grandma?"

"the French pronounce it like this, Holland!



oooh... très Bien, Holland!

"i like the pan aux chocolat, grandma!"

"me too, Holland!" 

"i'll have more please, Grandma!"


Sunday...was an oh so rewarding...fulfilling, and two ibuprofen day of chores.   

we took a break to watch the USA play Portugal.

what a game!

our nest will be filled once again in 9 days!

i am almost ready!

it's feeling like Christmas!

did i just say that?

(let's get back to the beginnings of Summer, Lynne!)

:: ici ::


bah - bah - boom - boom!


Sunday, June 22, 2014!

while sipping my Sunday coffee...

out of the blue!!!

...and i am telling's sky is a PERFECT shade of  SUMMER BLUE! )

...just when i thought an outdoor kitchen could be way out my budget! 


... i can visualize...a not-so-shabby window cupboard with

Summertime rectangle shaped white dishes...and my grandmother's

big cabernet color pottery bowl as the sink!

( Mr D is going to think that i have officially lost my mind! )

as soon as the deck is finished...

my wheels are turning!

after spending Springtime cleaning and purging inside, i am so ready to be out there!

( you know that i will show you if i pull this off! )

thanks for letting me share my whims with you!

H A P P Y  *  S U M M E R  *  2014  !!!