Saturday, July 5, 2014


good wedding morning lovelies!

today's the day!

as i mentioned in a previous post, i knew on the eve of this day, i (and we) would be Sleepless in Seattle!

our nests and hearts are pretty much in overflow!

here's a peek at the rehearsal! 

the rehearsal was held on "First Thursday".

since the 1960's, Pioneer Square's Victorian storefronts and dusty upper floors have provided

a haven for gallery owners and artists. today this artistic community is the center of Seattle's 

art scene. "First Thursday in Pioneer Square" is the first Art Walk in the USA.

Mr D and i were so very privileged to chauffeur Ty's mother and father, his grandmother,

cousin and ring barer to the rehearsal and dinner. 

while at the rehearsal dinner, i grabbed an image of Ty and Jay.

it made think of the allstar image that Mr D caught of the two of them years ago!

 from T-ball, to the All Stars, to Stadium High and Washington State University...

once again...side by side as Ty marries beautiful Anna tonight!

 best friends!

best men!

oh...and...GO COUGS!!!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014


hello lovelies!

i will be signing off  until next Tuesday!

tomorrow... just one half day at work!

i'm meeting up with Chrislyn at Alice's (mom of groom) house for a spray tan at 3pm.

 (i have never had a spray tan!)

i'm sort of feeling ..."dancing with the stars"!

i'll be requesting a subtle glow.

Jay (best man) and Camille will be arriving home in the wee hours 

of Thursday morning. 

we have been graciously invited to the rehearsal and dinner.

it is our honor to transport Mother and Father Groom  to host

their dinner of  "once in a lifetime"!

:: ici ::

the setting?

 ... Seattle's favorite Irish pub on Post Alley

Friday the F O U R T H ?

family and friends gather from near and far!  

what a pre-func it will be!

B O O M !

...and July five it is!  

i'm already drawing sparkler hearts in my daydreams...

happy, happy, happy

Fourth of July!

B O O M !


:: pink fireworks here!

Monday, June 30, 2014

MONDAY... just airing a little LAUNDRY!

...oh how i wish i could get my hands on 
a well loved French laundry basket!


one of the biggest things that i have missed about not having

a deck for a year has been not being able to air our laundry.

jux·ta·summer ritual...

( i know it's not proper in some communities to air one's washing...

...but there is something special about pretty things drifting and drying?)


(the first Pinterest?)

 a balcony of beauty and balance for the resourceful...

to place ( different things) together in order to create an
interesting effect or to show how they are the same or different.

...a welcome banner!


summer laundry décoration du jour!

 jux·ta·party parfait!


the laundry i share next are words of laundry love.

at my physical, last February, my primary care Dr Anna asked me...

"Lynne, when was the last time you saw your eye doctor?"

(ooops!   i was about six months past due on my annual eye exam.)

i promptly made an appointment.

Dr J said, "Lynne, have you noticed headaches on your brow line... pressure?"


"i'm at the computer all day at work...and i blog!"

(i just thought it was severe eye strain.)

like most changes in health, you adapt and may not notice at first.

...narrow angle glaucoma?

really? family history.


caught early, lovelies!

over the past three months, i received the necessary treatments.

first with drops, then followed by a minor laser procedure on both eyes. 

my last laser treatment was ten days ago.

i cut my home computer time in half during this time. 

(that's why my comments after visits have been limited of late.)

the difference is amazing!  

the brow line headaches are gone.

the pressure and sensation of eye strain is behind me. 

please, please, please...see your ophthalmologist once a year!

(especially after age 50.)

wear those shades!

eye shading lovelies, eyes shading!

jux·ta·little reminder!

it's not what you look at that matters;
it's what you see!
~Henry David Thoreau