Friday, August 29, 2014


hello lovelies!

hello to the holiday weekend ahead!

i am looking forward to the "three day", and the finishing of the deck.

there is a good and welcome sort of chaos going on here.

last night, amid the chaos, and the work after  work (moonlighting),

i thought it would be nice invite Michael and Tom, (our builders), to have dinner with us.

i served two roasted chickens and a mixed green salad with fresh herbs, red onions, avocado, and

(picked at the moment of  making the salad), sweet cherry tomatoes from our garden.

the hit of the meal was the mélange of roasted fingerling 

potatoes and sliced sweet potatoes.  the potatoes were inspired by...

...Mimi Thorisson's recipe here!

i also added  just a tiny sprinkle of the Herbs de Provence that i 

won from dearest Andrea a while ago.  Michael kept saying,

"Lynne these potatoes are amazing".  i gave crédit en raison to the 

women who inspired and enhanced my side dish. 


on this FBoF, i also wish to mention a truly kind and lovely gesture from Mimi.

most of you know that her book will be released on October 28th.

( i know... G O R G E O U S ! )

she is offering a gift of a print ( one of a chosen three, to be randomly selected ) to those who have 

purchased or seek to purchase her book, "pre-sale".

you may read about the details here.

i wish you a warm and wonderful weekend of Summer 2014 reflection and celebration!