Saturday, November 8, 2014


E U R E K A !

...a famous exclamation attributed to Archimedes.

...the sudden unexpected realization to a problem.
bibbidi bobbidi boo!)

the virus is history. (thank you, Norton!)

i can see clearly now. (thank you, Dr J!)

it's been a great week! (so many answered prayers!)

i am feeling golden!

...paying praying it forward, lovelies!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

me yesterday...

hello lovelies!

this was me yesterday!

my Mr D took great care of me. 

i didn't lift a finger after my surgery!

today, Chrislyn and the grands will be taking me to my post op 

and patch removal.   

 Mr D kept teasing me yesterday, saying that 

now that i will be able to see better, i may notice that he lacks 

washboard abs!  his buddies were texting him and egging him on!

i laughed and said, " it's okay honey." 

 "i am definitely not the image of a pretty pirate!"

it's with love that we spin sickness and health into laughter and romance.


...and speaking of sick...

i will be using Mr D's laptop until i am able to swing a new one.

( i just realized that my laptop is seven years old. )

i have invested forty dollars and about four hours of my time trying to 

eliminate the virus on my laptop.

sharing one computer means that my blogging time will be cut in half.

i will do my best to keep in touch!


thank you for all of your well wishes! 

they rode into the O.R. with me, inside my heart!

i am blessed...

Monday, November 3, 2014

dress to destress!

good morning lovelies!

yesterday, while visiting Mom and Dad, i spent

three hours purging and re-merchandising Mom's closet.

she was a trooper. 

being raised during the depression, she learned to hang onto

everything...just in case. 

we kept some fabulous vintage Pendleton wool plaids

from the 60's,  a mink trimmed leather coat from the 70's, and most of her

hand knit sweaters.

when all was said and done, we filled three large black 

garbage bags with clothing. 

i implemented some of my old school merchandising skills by

colorizing her basics and putting some new looks together for her.

she was thrilled when i finished.


tomorrow brings the first of two eye surgeries for me this month.

without going into deep detail, i have had some eye health issues

since last winter. the stages of treatment began last Spring.

for the month of November, i will need to be

without eye makeup for 20 days. 

the last time i went outside without eye makeup, i was 12 years old!

...and yes this means that i will be at work without eye make up!  

( thank goodness i work in the medical field and have my own office. )

 i went out and bought some kick a$$ red readers!

i am in good hands. the surgeon operated on  my son, Jay...and also

Travis Ishikawa, 1st baseman of the world champion San Franciso Giants.

Jay and Travis had their laser surgeries about the same time.

Jay and Travis were drafted the same year. as you know, Jay 

did not continue with baseball. it was an honor for Jay

to be in such great company and a wonderful experience to 

add to his resume'.


last night, i made pear - applesauce.

i also made a quick decision to add just a tad more than cinnamon and vanilla...

 ...a splash of Normandie!


:: the image of the  cozy sweater and pretty red scarf above is from a blog hop called 

with all that's ahead, this little hop to Germany was just the ticket for me!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

just one pic...warming up for the chills and the thrills of the season...

hello lovelies!

i am greeting you from Mr D's laptop.

my laptop caught a virus.

it's with the friend who fixed it the last time it caught a virus.


yesterday was Holland's last soccer game for the season.

the moments outside on the sideline reaffirmed that the chill has finally arrived

here in the Pacific Northwest. it's hard to believe that the week before

 last i was walking with my family at the Point Defiance Zoo on a 70 degree Sunday.


shortly after this post, i will be popping on my cozy plaid scarf,  and heading 

over to Mom and Dad's for our first downsizing project!

i will be back home in time to watch the HAWKS! 


Mr D is grilling yesterday's catch for dinner tonight.

let the thrills and chills of the season begin!


(the image above is from a chic little blog hop called Marcus Design.)