Friday, November 21, 2014

french bread on... turkey day ?

pourquoi pas?


je suis en!

when we hosted Thanksgiving three years ago, i made this recipe from

 PW's blog. she mixes FB with her homemade CB.

it's a goodie!


 the market on 49th street is selling 

French inspired herb pots!

let the stuffing begin!

Monday, November 17, 2014

funky little mix match Monday...

hello lovelies!

happy Monday to you!

life in the dark limits me when it comes

to posting images of 34th street.

on Saturday, i grabbed a quick photo of simple vignette in the

corner of our dining room.


lately i have been captured by a styling concept that i call

 "funky little mix match".

the pros likely tag it Boho...eclectic...whimsical...

thoughts of "i got U babe"...
:: ici ::

i seek images that are inspiring and most of all fun.

the image above got me thinking...

"i am so going to grab my grandma's mink collar and pop it on 

my black quilted vest! i don't own a stitch of gingham chambray shirt will do!

...and my favorite winter scarf...the very last piece grandma knit before 

she flew to heaven 42 years ago..."

 i felt cool!

...but mostly, i felt the vintage love i was wearing

at the checkout in Kroger QFC!