Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day + two = a random "me" day!

hello lovelies!

oh what a Christmas!

on a visit prior to Christmas, the grands pulled together all of the
 pillows and blankets for snuggling and a movie by the tree.
Mr D hid little matchbox cars for the finding.

the house nest was filled to the MAX once again!

Jay and Camille came from Boise on December 20th!

through the magic of television, he and the Boise State basketball team

home snug in T-town! ( yes, that is one of the MANY ugly 

Christmas sweaters that i have made for him to wear on air ! )


i was living on Dayquil and Nyquil on the days prior to Christmas Day. 

i proclaimed the wonder potion my signature cocktail for Holiday 2014!

  the sig shots got me to and through a perfect day and dinner!  

Mr D cooked a turkey and a prime rib.

i did the rest of the dinner, and Chrislyn made all of the desserts!

un Noël vraiment joyeuse!

on one day before Christmas, my Fitbit read 11527 steps.

( 10000 steps = 5 miles )


there are so very many steps to Christmas...

...together, we likely circled the earth! 

was it not worth every step?

i was gifted a new farm table!

it is placed in a room that i will be repurposing next year.

(i'm showing you the real not so pretty carpeting.)

i love my simple Alabama farm table, but it only seats four to six.

the new table seats twelve.

we filled every seat for Christmas dinner!


Jay and Camille had to be at the airport at four a.m. on the morning

after Christmas.  Camille caught a flight back to Boise, and Jay

headed south to Phoenix to cover The Fiesta Bowl.

 i woke nauseated and dizzy.

i was able to ride along to the airport, but completely crashed when

we arrived home. i stayed in bed until 2 p.m., missing work and a very

nice day after Christmas party.  today, i have recovered.

there is nothing that i "must do".

i am watching vintage Christmas movies, blogging once again, and... 

... daydreaming with visions of a singing bed head princess 

with leopard pajama pants!

Merry Christmas + two!


Sunday, December 21, 2014