Sunday, January 11, 2015

A n i t a . . .

an image of perfection...

from a friend who has gifted me time, and the beauty

of her life's reflection.


my mind is full!

i need to talk...i mean W R I T E !

( you will see where i am going. )

a few weeks ago i took a little survey to determine what

my true life's profession should be.

( i know...i'm just a few years from retirement...but...i was curious.)

some surveys are so predictable along the way.

this one threw me a "curve".

when the answer popped up it said...

"w r i t e r !"

i stopped for a moment.


a writer?

i'm a daughter.

a receiver of Christ.

a sister

a student.

a friend.

a wife.

a sister in law.

a manager.

a merchandiser.

a buyer.

a mother.


an art docent.

a coach.

a team mom.

a para educator.

a sales rep.

a Coug mom.

a surgery coordinator

a mother of the bride.

a mother in law.

a grandmother.


dreams on 34th street :: French bread and family!


i am a writer!

inspired a movie.

then there was the woman on the plains of Oklahoma that Chrislyn

introduced me to.

i was shy at first...

on October 27th 2010,  i went live with a blank canvas.

that's how i found YOU.

...all of you!

can you see yourselves in my painting blog?

i met so many of you through

the music, the words and the images of  Castles Crowns & Cottages!

so many times we gathered at Anita's... 

...where she inspired a world within us!

T O    A N I T A . . .





i wish you the best of blessings as you move on.

you have taken me far beyond mainstream good friend... gifted me a world within!

with gratitude...and...



  1. I looked at the list. Most of all, You are You. And all of those other things.

    Love to you and thank you always for loving me! :)


  2. OH WOW....wait.....

    Lynne my dearest, I just woke up, getting ready to start my work day, looked at my comments and I've been visiting every one.

    I have come to you, and this, this is what I SEE!!!!!

    My friend and sister, I am still visiting YOU! Everyone. The only thing is that I will not be posting blogs. But let me tell you, when I wrote my last post yesterday, I was in tears, a lot of tears.

    However, I am pursuing my private poetry writing. I am taking a HUGE LEAP of faith here, because with blogging, you have COMPANY of friends along the way. (it took me seven years to make them) but with poetry, your only friends are words. It will be lonely, but I intend on keeping in close contact with you all by visiting. Since I am NOT deleting my blog, I may just surprise you with a post here and there.

    THANK YOU for this wonderful tribute, this beautiful gesture of love. MUCH Love to you dearest Lynne. I WILL BE BACK! Anita

  3. I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss this girl of ours. But she will be around, and she will be here and there, I'm sure of it......because she's HER. :~)

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Dear Lynne, It broke my heart to read Anita's announcement on her beautiful blog. I know however that we have many chapters in our lives; Anita is very creative and talented to move onto her next chapter.
    She will continue to be an inspiration always!

    Featuring "Inner Spaces"

  5. i will miss anita + when one door closes another opens + what a beautiful tribute to antia + you.

  6. Oh Lynne, I was writing Anita, during her time of deciding her new life path, well her old path but a new decision in take this path more ceriousely !
    She and I wrote back and forth the pro-and con... It was an emotional moment and in all seriousness I saw the big picture...her big picture!
    We had a beautiful phone conversation and to know this wonderful spirited lady (Anita) is to know she values her friends, family, and bloggers friend like nothing else...yet needs the time away from the time laboring hours it takes to put up a great blog post, imaginatively inspiring photos, to then faithfully answer back each and every comment, email, phone calls and still visit all of us in blog land.
    She is going to take her time to teach French a language she loves passionately, head up her poetry groups in her home and where ever else they are held and sit in her space and study the many words that pop into her head of imagination.

    She will dearly be missed, I for one will miss her theatre production that we both drum up, and most of all the beautiful French shots of her dreamy home.
    Yet I am so happy that she is following her heard and head in the new dance of life and that's composing poetry, and the words that touch her spirit.

    Now! Lynne, I am so enamored with the post you did for Anita, in honor of her, and your words are so heartfelt here. You my dear are also a true Gather of Words as I like to think of myself as one as well.
    Your words were touching, and a reminder of what connections we have to life.

    You deserve a real standing ovation here... Bravo!

    Now don't you be going anywhere you here, we still need some great writers in our fold.


  7. I, too, will miss Anita! She treated us with such beauty. Your tribute is beautiful, and yes, you are most definitely a writer. I hope the new year is going well for you. Bonnie