Friday, January 30, 2015

A v e r y B I G b l u e F r i d a y !

yes...the party has begun.

Seahawk eyes . . .

what i am wearing to work today...

...this is BIG for me, as i am so about looking professional.

( shhh...hiding a Free People cami slip underneath my new tackle twill. )

Costco is IN !

rows and rows of dyed to match cakes deck the bakery area!

i brought a box home to the farm table.


the discounts for wearing blue today are innumerable.

a 12 cent cup of brew at Starbucks.

a 12 cent 12th Man Mocha at Bigfoot Java.

12% off of  Barnard Griffin wines if you pop in to the winery wearing blue today.

ride the ducks in downtown Seattle for $12...and free (go24) skittles!

12%  discounts at most fast food establishments.

it's a jolly a holiday with you, Hawks!

fashionably speaking...

...everybody's IN!

Hawk chic!

Hawk couture!

H  A W K I T E C T U R E  !

the seven story image of Marshawn Lynch at Expedia was constructed from

9 x 11 sheets of construction paper.

Benaroya Hall

home of the Seattle Symphony and The Pacific Northwest Ballet

the sculpture of "The Hammering Man" 

at the entrance of  S A M .





a message in a parcel from a local "brilliant"!


:: image sources can be found here.


  1. Lynne I love to see cities and their sports fans stand behind their teams. We are like that with the Kansas City Chiefs! ( I am sure you have seen our stadium filled with red!)

    French Artist Frederique Chemin

  2. It all looks soooo festive up your way… so exciting. I will be cheering for your Hawks Lynne!
    XOXO Mary

  3. I was wondering what to wear to the Super Bowl party on Sunday. It looks like I can get away with skinny jeans, a navy blue tee and the only green sweater I own in the Seahawks shade which has polka dots. Oh, and my navy Chucks.

    And, I did not know what the 12th man meant so I did some research - I learned a lot here today!

  4. will be cheering for the sea hawks + super bowl is here! + Sooo

  5. wow, a 12 cent cup of Starbucks for wearing blue - I'M IN hahaha! And those blue and green cupcakes - YUM! I am in love with those green jewel earrings, and that whole outfit is cool. My husband and son are going to watch the big game this weekend. I'm not too much into football, unless my son is playing, which he did for many many years.

    Have a fun weekend, Lynne.

    love, ~Sheri

  6. Your excitement is contagious!! Louis Dean and I have invited Roy and Ruth Ann over to watch the game with us so we will be right there with you - in spirit!!
    I am just about ready to think about the Super Bowl Menu.......

  7. Seems everyone is going all out. I am going to cheer for your team..cause you know why. LOL. I love the brown bag and boots. Hope you and your family have a fun weekend. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. WOW! Taco Bell closing early?I wish this team the best of luck, Lynne! Anita