Friday, January 23, 2015

b l u e F r i d a y !

h e l l o    l o v e l i e s !

h a p p y   b l u e    F r i d a y !

like most residents of the greater Seattle area

and the Pacific Northwest, i wear something blue on Friday.

( it's wild around here at the present! )

E V E R Y B O D Y   I S   "I N" !

in honor of blue Friday, glassybaby 

created a very special limited edition votive.

 b l u e   F r i d a y 

...and in honor of the 12's...

. . . w e   a r e  1 2 

glassybaby's big "seconds sale" is tomorrow.

it is a HUGE event!

for the first time ever...glassybaby is spreading the

joy to their online shoppers by offering 10% off of their

 perfect one of a kind pieces!

this little collage is for you, Marsha "Splenderosa" !

the baby's are a wonderful way to mark a special occasion or memory!

i purchased Holland Grace  "pearl"  on the day she was born.

they no longer make "pearl",  but they have added so many new colors and

techniques since her "June day" arrival.

every glassybaby gives!

H A W K S !


( i have not been compensated by glassybaby for this post,

i just love to give a shout out now and then!)


  1. I love your outfit. Those are awesome colors in the votive jars. Blessings for a great weekend. xoxo,Susie

  2. Hello there Lynne! I am so happy that you are having such a lovely thing to look forward to. We are not big football fans, but anything that can bring family and friends together for an event, for food and fun, that is AWESOME! I hope your team wins! Much love, Anita

  3. Oh my gosh Lynne! ..we are definitely on the same wave length today AND what is that collage app you are using?? love it:) and I need one! Your glassybaby and all the blue love is perfect. I am over-the-moon about our team. Sea Gal Cassie did my hair today and so I got the inside scoop on everything. It was crazy on the field last week! I'm glad we have a weekend off to rest up! I heard the tickets are close to 3,000 and the hotels are charging crazy rates.......... I'm so nervous! We have a party to go to but I'd rather watch in private with no one talking or kids running around.

    Okay, enough blabbing. Have a fun weekend! xxL

  4. Thanks for the Seattle Seahawks tips. We are going to a Super Bowl party and are rooting for the Seahawks because it our daughter's boyfriend's favorite team. I wear so much red, white & blue, but I guess I need to hunt up something different for Sunday.

  5. I still absolutely LOVE the glassybaby I won from a giveaway you had. It stays right in my kitchen window. Enjoy the Superbowl. xo Diana

  6. love the glassybaby in blue + good luck at the superbowl.