Friday, January 16, 2015

F r e n c h B r e a d o n F r i d a y . . .

h e l l o 

b e a u t i f u l s !

are you ready for a little fun?

:: ici ::

i have a gift to give!

last year...when you visited 34th Street and left a comment, your name went into a hatbox.

on the last day of 2014, i drew a name...

:: ici ::

once i drew the name, i set out to shop for an appropriate gift.

yes...i found it in France!

via etsy... à Strasbourg!

( i visited Strasbourg...many, many years ago. )




g i f t


this blog friend.

i shall not reveal  her name in this post...

you may leave your "guess" in the comments below...

i will draw a name from the correct "guessers".

that person will receive a gift direct from a sweet shop

here in The Pacific Northwest!

i will be honest...

...when this item arrived from F R A N C E, i thought...

...oh my, i could just say nothing and keep it.

( no one would ever know... )

wouldn't it be perfect to hold a Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

...or...branches with winter - berries. it is meant to be hold a lovely bottle of  (holiday) sparkle!

it's wrapped and ready to be sent to a "lovely"

who lives in a coastal state here in America.

( that's the only other hint that i am giving...)

happy FBoF!



  1. Hmmmm…That will make a lucky someone very happy !
    Happy Friday and weekend to you Lynne
    XOXO Mary


  2. Well, I will not even begin to guess, but huge props to you for doing this !!
    Congrats to the winner !!

  3. Some one is lucky...I think it's Dore of Burlap Luxe. I adore the sign. It would be such fun to see that. Hope you have a great weekend. It is nice here today 36 and no wind. I had a convertible, I would put the top down. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I have no idea who the lucky winner might be, but I'm amazed at your generosity. I know the winner will be very surprised.

  5. Oh, you little minx! This is a lucky gal! :) As I'm in the Midwest I was eliminated very quickly...that's okay. send some warm gloves and ear muffs! Ha!

    Jane x

  6. Oh my did Imiss this and your other post! HI LYNNE! Since I am no longer posting, I best not enter this...but what a GORGEOUS GIFT! Good luck tout le monde! LOVE! Anita

  7. I wish and so hope it is me! It has my name on it and having such a French given name it was never a name I could find as a young girl on anything, such as key chains as my friends had, bicycle license plates, it was always a hunt, and for you to fined such a champagne bucket with a name matching mine is such a shocker.

    Now I am dreaming here, and if I am not the visiting chosen name then perhaps your choice name will share her bucket with me? :)
    It is a beautiful gifting to your who ever the name of chosen is and I know they will adore it. You know Lynne, I have never had a Noel visit me, have you? Could it be a Noel? Or someone related to a Noël ?

    Well, Your beautiful heart in giving will be well received, she's a very fortunate girl.

    See you soon and all the creativeness you come up with.



  8. Dear Lynn,

    Anyone of your readers would be please to have such a lovely gift from you.
    I'd like to guess, Carol from Art and Sand.
    Go Hawks.
    Linda C in Seattle

  9. Dear Lynne your winner will be so thrilled with your gift! It is absolutely lovely!


    Featuring "Inner Spaces"

  10. Oooh, in a coastal state, you say? ;) LOVE the way you've presented this most generous gesture, L. Bravio! Best wishes to all.
    Stopped by tonight to congratulate you on the Hawk's win. You bet I'll be cheering for them again, and thinking of you as I do.

  11. Dear Lynne,
    The winner will be jumping up and down with joy!! Happy Friday to You!!

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