Monday, January 5, 2015

s p a r k l e !

hello Monday!

hello beautifuls!

this is not the post that i originally intended for this morning.

i woke to find this on my son's facebook page.

the script from his broadcast last evening...

 Jay's tribute to a person who fed his and thousands backyard dreams.

Jay's story about Antoine Turner, a homeless Boise State football recruit was picked up by ESPN last Summer.

Stuart's passing, and Jay's tribute resurfaced my memories of 

the sweet sounds of youth calling "play by play".

the backyard baseball and driveway basketball "BooYah!"

 Scott had the kids all seeking "the cool side of the pillow".

Stuart Scott fought for seven years.  

#BoiseState cornerback Donte Deayon stole the mic at #FiestaBowl Media Day…

i love this image of Jay letting Donte take the mic at the Fiesta Bowl

media days.  perhaps this moment in time will lead him to 

sports journalism one day.


Stuart, thank you for bringing your sparkle to 

the eyes and heart of a little guy on 34th street!

(wonderful tribute son.)



  1. Lynne, This is a very nice post, Honoring Scott and your son.. I know Scott's passing hurt your son. My own SIL was sad yesterday talking about Scott. Way too soon for a beautiful young man to pass on. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. He definitely died too soon. Lovely tribute. xo Laura

  3. what a wonderful tribute to a brave man + a wonderful son.

  4. Such a beautifully told story … all the way around!


  5. Lynne,
    What a beautiful tribute and what a good and pure hearted son you have raised.

    Beautiful life to you.

    Happy New Year!!



  6. I was so sad to hear about his death. He touched so many with his courage and his gift for words and it sounds like your son is a special guy must be so proud.

  7. LOVE THIS. Tributes, through language or acts of human kindness, are proof that this life is special. Good for him. Good for you, for having nurtured this man to be who he is! Anita

  8. I'm so sorry to hear of this news, Lynne. This is a nice post you did to honor him. Our children sometimes look up to people when they are young, and it sounds like your son really admired him.


  9. What a fine Son you have, to Honor his friend.
    He must have really admired this man. Happy new year.

  10. Hi Lynne, I just want to give a quick but heartfelt Thank you for all (way to many by the way) the wonderful presnts you and Kim gave to me. I Love, Love, Love the scarf, one of the prettyest I
    have seen, the colors are beautiful! The book is a treasure, and local at that. Each page has
    beautiful pictures, with an idea to bring back a memory or conjour up and idea! What fun.. And at last the wine, looks yummy , maybe we should pop it open together and enjoy the smell, the taste, and the fun of friends sharing a glass together!!