Wednesday, February 18, 2015

a n o t h e r y e a r ? a l i t t l e l i f t !

helloooooooooo  b i r t h d a y !

hellooooooooo lovelies!

yes, during all of the craziness of the passed week, i had a birthday!

when it's birthday time, it's reflection and renewal time.

:: ici ::

please forgive my random reflections of late . . .

the haiku's, the quotes and the emotions.

that's how i roll . . .

  i have been in a bit of a fashion rut. it's due time to overhaul my closet.

normally, i wait until the spring transition...

...this year, i cannot wait.
it's time to re-evaluate!

 r e - m e r c h a n d i s e . 

. . . analyze the mix like it's in a little boutique.

c o l o r i z e . . . 

p u t  s o m e  LOOKS  t o g e t h e r . . .



on my birthday, i woke up dreaming about new black heels.

i think the dream was planted by . . .

:: ici ::

. . . this image, found on tumblr.

i have a difficult time wearing heels now.

there was a day when i walked miles in four inch heels.

y e s t e r d a y . . . 

i allowed myself three and half hours away from Mr D, to return to work.

with some guilt,

i took the route via DSW with hopes of using my five dollar birthday coupon.

 it had to be a quick pop in. 

just look what i found on the sale rack!

 less than fifteen minutes in the store, on sale, and an additional five off!

they were a steal!

. . . and soooo comfortable!

this time of year, we can all use a little lift, if only it's an inch and a half.

y e s t e r d a y . . . 

my beautiful Chrislyn dropped off  her amazing homemade lasagna and my favorite

haricot vert . . . ( yes product of France ) . . . for dinner last night!

y e s t e r d a y . . . 

 a parcel holding this, was waiting on our doorstep when i returned from the clinic!

( a very thoughtful gift from Jay's girlfriend, Camille.)


honestly, i'm feeling pretty tall happy blessed right now.

this morning, Mr D is so much back to himself again.

i'll work a five hour day today.

no stops on the way. . .straight there and straight back.

i plan to get him out of the house for a short outing to the grocery store tonight.

( the doc wants him up and walking.)

he laughed and said that he would have to work it into his schedule.



  1. Happy Birthday, dear Lynne!

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Happy Birthday Lynne! Birthdays are such a nice time to take stock of our closets, I love your new heels --no more 4 inch heels here either-- and I'm so happy to hear the hubby is doing well.

  3. Happy Birthday to you Lynne!!! Love the style inspiration… it does feel like the time of year to refresh the wardrobe , I am as well. Glad Mr D is getting back to normal, must be the tender loving care that you are giving him. Enjoy everything!
    XOXO Mary

  4. Happy Birthday Lynne. I see you as seem so stylish and hep. Now for those toe pinching black heels...ewweee on the toe cleavage...not into that.LOL I do not even know why, but that bothers me. I just have high heel envy now..I used to dance and run in those things. You children did well on those nice gifts. Good news about your Mr...Wishing both happiness and good health. xoxo,Susie

  5. Happy Birthday Lynne,
    Well,what timming I have, you should be getting a GIFT! from me any day or have already.
    I love the shops in your post, looks like one I shop at when I am in Santa Monica at Subtle tones.
    The phot that inspires your look, BLACK HEELS tattered jeans that look looks just like me, and you will see those torn up jeans in an older post a few back and the black heels? Yep! Also in my closet and I wear them often.
    I happen to love wearing heels with jeans it makes a grunge casual look feel a bit sexy :))

    Love this post, please share your new up-styling to the wardrobe soon.



  6. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Lynne! I love your shoes. I walked in high heels for many, many years- and actually had leg cramps when I stopped wearing them everyday. Don't do them anymore.darn it. Have fun upstyling your wardrobe. I need to do a bit of that myself. xo Diana

  7. Happy Birthday! It truly WAS! I am so HAPPY Mr. D is doing well! Your shoes are classic - just perfect for such a classy lady like YOU! Will you be wearing them as you sash shay your way down the grocery store isles with your beloved by your side tonight??? I can see you now! Heads will be turning!!!

  8. Happy Birthday!

    I recently cleaned out my closet with the help of my daughter. I packed up everything she said needed to go. I must admit there are a few things I regret I boxed up. I am waiting until spring to restock. Love the shoes. I recently broke a bone in my foot and damaged a nerve...I am having to be careful with the shoes I select. I am determined to get back into my favorites though. I hope you are having a grand week. Bonnie

  9. Lynne, Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!! Love your new black shoes!!

  10. Dearest Lynne, I am SO HAPPY to hear that your husband is up and about! And with a good sense of humor! Now, I too have some plans for heels and boyfriend jeans, but my goodness is it ever cold here. Yesterday, I was all styled up in a little skirt and tights, but WOW did I freeze! Today it's tights under my jeans and the heaviest sweater I can muster up! Oh how I wish you a happy belated birthday mon amie! Anita

  11. Happy Happy Birthday Dear Lynne~~~ I LOVE your new shoes and the idea of a little annual renewal of ourselves and our closets!! much love~A

  12. Happy BIRTHDAY Lynne! Your shows are classic .. and you will get lots of wear out of them for sure:) Love the cuff jeans and pumps. I think I pinned the exact or similar photo yesterday ~ AND I decided to wear a cuffed jean and black pump to the office! So there you have it:)

    Glad your hubby is feeling well again. Enjoy your day! xxleslie

  13. Happy Birthday, Lynne. I love the shoes and I am sighing because I can no longer wear heels of any height. So I will just have to live vicariously through you. Glad to hear that your husband is feeling better. xo Laura

  14. Happy Birthday Lynne.
    The days of 5 inch heels are over for me also..
    While they remain in my closet, just in case I get brave.
    And you bracelet is just perfect Go Hawks.
    It's good to hear hubby will be up and getting out.
    Be careful it's raining out there.
    Linda C in Seattle

  15. Happy birthday, L!!!
    Blessings .... and many more shoe shopping days!

    PS-Random reflections, haikus, quotes and every need for apologies.