Sunday, February 22, 2015

c a l l i n g a n a u d i b l e !

g o o d   w e e k,  d e a r e s t   l o v e l i e s !

{your friendship and consideration motivates me, daily.}

isn't this a stunning image? 
i love everything about it. that's why i pinned it.

::  c a l l i n g   a n   a u d i b l e  ::

to decide what to do at the last second after seeing all possible options 
and obstacles that come up. 
comes from football, seen when the quarterback goes up to the line 
of scrimmage, sees a defensive alignment he wasn't expecting, 
and adjusts by yelling out a new play.

i love the term.

 i really do love how sporting life terminology can apply to real life! 
(even during the off-season)

the needed adjustment applies to my health and well being, 

and most recently, a revelation with Mr D's health as well.

one could question the alignment being unexpected, but who's nitpicking?

( most plays have been played before. )

it's been easy to say that i need to make changes in my lifestyle, but 

it has been just as easy making excuses why i haven't.

h o n e s t l y !

this should be the easiest D I Y e v e r !

for the most part, i eat pretty healthy.

like most, we focus on eating "whole" foods versus those with chemical additives.

all i need to do is M O V E  a little longer and a bit faster!

that's it!

why is this  D I Y so hard for me?

moving does not require tools, wood, hardware, paper or glue!

. . . and there isn't a mess to clean up afterwards.

it only requires me!

that's it!

Seahawks & my" L" (Alex and Ani) bliss sea glass & pearls (Tamera Beardsley)

t h e  a u d i b l e !

i'm beginning this journey by channeling the spirit and energy of the truest-bluest Seahawk fans.

 many of you watched that fateful play by the Seahawks in the final seconds of the Superbowl . 

( warning...lemons into lemonade ahead! )

when talking to my son, Jay after the game...he expressed his disappointment.

we lamented and played upon the shoulda woulda couldas like so many games before.

(t-ball, little league, select baseball, high school baseball and football, college baseball,

the Cougs, the Mariners and the Hawks.)  he and i live and love sports analogies.

it's a mind frame that i love to lock into with him.

it's a sweet mother - son connection for me. 

upon closing our phone conversation he said,

"Ma, this is how it goes..."

"this week, i should have run...but i passed."
 with Jay's words and my daughter Chrislyn's morning coaching,
(believe me, she is one tough coach), as motivation . . .
i  y e l l  the audible . . .
(meaning . . . walk fast for me.)
don't pass!
(Oh - "Ma" - haul-it! )
( Peyton-ly speaking)



  1. Dear Blog Friend,

    Love the photo as well, stunning cover up (Ah, la dentelle!!) Knowing nothing of American football, I was a little lost in the post but I agree, we should all take our health more seriously. I'll be thinking of you (which should motivate me to move as well!).
    Thank you for sharing your bracelet (just had to visit the site which you kindly shared).
    May His blessings be with you always,

  2. LOL- Yes- well, you can do it. It is one of the reasons I am volunteering at the VA. I walk at least 2 miles a day at a fast pace.
    Love that first image and your bracelet. xo Diana

  3. I definitely need to haul it too. I eat healthy, but the moving part just doesn't seem to happen in the winter. I guess I need to stop the excuses and find a way to haul it indoors. xo Laura

  4. I am tring my dear to get in way more steps in my day, and really give grayer thought to as out Dore walks with a bit of a jog in it. And the whole healthy eating thing we, my daughter and I are super big on no glutens, no GMO'S, no processing, smoking, tenderizing, no mad cow...and you name it, yet when it comes to some junk foods, pies, creams, chocolates well that's where we fall short, now trying to work on those sweets.
    As for the Sea Hawks we were for them, living once in Washington state and loving the state, yet family from New Orleans and our roots we have loyalties to our team the Saints.
    Love the brackets and best of all that top first style photo, it's a must keep around inspiration photo style,,I even showed my daughter and told her look at this photo, you could wear and dress like this and pull it of, why do you not find a lace cover up like this, it's really a great photo :)

    Thank you Lynne, for the beautiful comment over at my place, so happy you loved the #2 French address plaque, it fits in with your Clock face I did for you.

    A beautiful lady you are inside and out.

    Have a beautiful,week.


  5. Good morning, Lynne! Like you, I love language. Certain words, phrases and expressions fascinate me and yes, they do mean something about our is fun to collect them and PLAY with them!

    I wish you and the Mister a health and happy day! Anita

  6. loven the top photo + trying to move more myself + love the sea hawks + have a blessed week.

  7. This is a wonderful way to tell us how you plan to make healthy changes! Aren't we all? Practice, practice practice leads to a winning game.

    Thank you always for your so very nice comments! I need to get by more often and I will. Pinky promise! :)

    Jane xx

  8. Gotta love this post, L, esp that mother and son lingo that I know all too well and treasure dearly.
    I gotta move too. At my request, Mr G bought me a treadmill last month, my favorite exercise machine mind you. For the life of me, I cannot MOVE long enough to conquer five days in a row...but I can PASS, oh can I pass. teehee
    Good to hear Mr D's back at work.