Friday, February 13, 2015

j u s t o n e p i c . . .

thank you for all of your

thoughts, prayers and supportive comments!

Mr D remains in the hospital recovering from

the first three days "post op" have held some challenges,

but he has been showing signs of improvement.

made with love by Chrislyn and Holland...

he has moved from Intensive Care to Progressive Care.

today's goal is for him to be recovered enough to move to a "post surgical" unit.

yesterday he became ambulatory.

( v i c t o r y !)

this morning he called me...(first call from him- another victory)... 

...he was "up", and sitting in a chair!

his sense of humor has returned.

although it hurts to's so good for recovery!

i am grateful for the three day weekend ahead.

i will be cheering on  

M Y   V A L E N T I N E !



  1. Lynne, It is good to read where your husband is doing well. I am praying he returns to feeling wonderful. Blessings to you, your mr. and your family. xoxo,Susie

  2. I am so thankful and rejoice along with you!!! It's a scary thing to have this happen to him. Thank God you took matters into your own hands and insisted on taking him to the ER!!
    May God heal and bless and comfort you both. I know you will breathe a sign of relief when he returns HOME!

  3. Oh Lynne,
    This is good news for your husband to be doing so well. God so answers prays in numbers :)
    Still praying for you and your husbands fast recovery.
    The card is so cute, these kind of cards from the little ones are the best , who couldn't recover fast when such sweetness is created at the hands of the little ones.

    See you soon,
    I have a little something that I am sending to you...I will get it off before the weekend is up.


  4. Oh may he come back KICKIN'! Lynne my dear, I pray all is well and that he come full-force with you there spoiling him to bits. Much love beautiful Lynne! Anita

  5. Oh Lynne... hang in there! I will send lots of light your way and pray for a speedy recovery. xxL