Tuesday, February 10, 2015

t h e . . . H E A R T. . . h a s . . . n o . . . w r i n k l e s . . .

d e a r e s t  lovelies...

Mickey and Minnie Mouse pancakes with homemade strawberry jam.

yesterday morning, i planned to share a post about the 

amazing weekend we had taking care of the grands...

...while their mommy and daddy spent a long weekend in NYC.


...but Mr D woke after a night of restless sleep and increasing abdominal pain.

i insisted that i drive him to the emergency room.

in the afternoon, he had an urgent abdominal surgery.

his appendix had perforated.

 he has a high pain threshold. the perforation could have occurred days ago.

he is getting wonderful care at the hospital.

he will be there for a awhile.

the next few days are so important in the process of  his recovery.

while Mr D is in the care of the fine doctors, nurses and

supportive hospital staff, i will be going back and forth from to the clinic

to get my desk in order so i can spend more time at his side.

 we have to get that lap of his healed so the grands have

Saturday night on grandpa's lap watching "Frozen".

have a place to sit on party ( dinner and a movie ) night!

after making the Mick & Minn pancakes for H and B on Sunday, i made the little checked collage 

above and posted it on facebook.

Mr D jokingly commented on the image, saying that he was sad that he "missed out".

( He worked Saturday and Sunday,)

 i laughed and responded, promising to make him some on Valentines Day.

(  i hope Dr W clears him for the sweet cakes by then. )

my attention is to the care and healing of my Valentine.

for nearly forty two years, we have had this plan...



  1. Oh, dear!

    I am glad you got to the hospital in time and I hope that everything goes well so he can get back to holding those grands!

  2. Lynne, Sending hugs for the Mr. That was scary. Your children are having much fun...I think you are too except for that excitement of the emergency. I love the No wrinkles pictures. Love is good.Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. enjoying the lovely chocolates. :)

  3. Wishing Mr D a speedy recovery, and back to enjoying his lovely grands. You take care while caring for everyone else Lynne. Hope all is back to normal soon.
    XOXO Mary

  4. I'm so glad he's healing! He must have been in agony. Those toxins from the appendix are poison. I hope all is back to normal soon. Those darlings need to snuggle with grandpa. That will be the best medicine ever.

  5. ok Lynne, I got a bit teary eyed when I saw that last picture. I know, I'm a sentimental gal. I hope your dear husband heals nicely from his surgery. That must have been such a scare for you. The mickey pancakes are delightful, and what kid wouldn't love those? I hope they all had a fun time in New York City. Oh, how I've always wanted to go there.

    Take care of your husband Lynne, and Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful blog friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  6. so glad he is better,OK + take good care of him(know you will) + loved the photos of everyone. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  7. Lynne, I am so sorry .. sending well wishes and I know he will have a speedy recovery. This is such a wonderful post and makes us realize how quickly things can change. I hope your Valentine is home for a romantic dinner on Saturday:) xxL (darling photos of the kids!)

  8. Oh LYNNE! I am hoping that his recovery will be smooth and quick, and thank GOD that you got him to the hospital when you did. The kids look so happy on his lap, and may they be gentle on grandpa when he gets home! Peace and healing to him, and happy LOVE day to both of you! Valentine's Day marks 35 years since my husband and I met! Anita

  9. Oh wow, Lynne that was scary. So happy that it all turned out okay. You have definitely had your hands full and those grands are just so precious. xo Laura

  10. Dearest Lynne,
    You had your hands full here hospital trip and grand-care. 3 weeks ago my sister went through this same thing, she went 3 days in pain thinking at first it was food poisoning to then think 2 days later the flu, then off she went to the emergency room and found out she was off to surgery, It was quite the ordeal and recovery. Well, my dear it's nice to see that everyone is all in there places happy and content :)

    Beautiful family here.
    See you soon.

    I am loving my gifting's so much so that it all still sits on my table waiting for me to get creative in its use and displaying. I have placed the bay-leaves in a canister jar that sits on my counter leaving them in your beautiful packaging. I can't wait to use them in a great sauce knowing they are hand picked by your hands from your tree. I almost never want to use them just so I can enjoy them forever in there natural beauty. The zinc tags will be used as well, :)
    I have placed the bucket in my cabinet and have already been thinking up creative things to do with it. It was such an amazing surprise I can't tell you how so.
    Thank you again dear heart, you will be hearing from me Via postal soon.



  11. Lynne, Hope Mr. D. is feeling better and recovering from his surgery. We ended up in the hospital on last Saturday, Stan had a very bad migraine headache. They did all kinds of tests and couldn't find anything, which was very good. He's feeling great now. Love the photos of the grandkids and the last precious wrinkle kiss. Take care..Wishing Mr. D. a speedy recovery!!

  12. Bless your heart!!! That was scary and praise God you insisted on taking him to the ER!!!!
    Prayers from Texas for your beloved!
    Those Grands are so precious!

  13. Oh Lynne! How scary. Thank goodness it turned out well and your Mr. D is recovering from surgery. And good for you that you insisted on the emergency room. It sounds like you handled everything so well and you had your hands full too with your adorable grandbabies. It's amazing how a sudden brush with illness can remind us how important our husbands are....Almost 42 years of togetherness...wow you guys are awesome!