Tuesday, March 31, 2015

b l e s s i n g s a n d a p e r f e c t l y a p p r o p r i a t e p a s s . . . j u s t t h e r i g h t m e d i c i n e !

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

{ inspired by:  "two guys at Costco" kindness }

in my previous post, i made reference to my . . . i'm going to say it . . .

 c r a - - - . . . (sorry) i hate that word . . . cold.

i also featured  French sneeze responses, inspired by 

how many times i sneezed last week.

 i was a sneezing machine.

i must have sneezed into my arm over 150 times.

at home.

at work.

i tried to shut in, to save the masses.

one night on the way home from work, i had to make a Costco run.

while in the check out line . . . another "sneeze - a - palooza" ensued.

when i finished . . .

. . . a thoughtful

. . . came from a handsome young dad in the line next to me.

( he was wearing a bright plaid shirt.)

the blessing felt good.

i was touched by his kindness.

i headed out to my car and loaded the groceries into the trunk.

i had just placed the last item into the trunk when i heard . . .

i passed!

there was a perfect cart reception!

. . . and with one shove, it was in the cart park!

(the gentleman, in his late 40's,  was very clean cut, with a tie dyed t-shirt on!)

i was laughing as i said, "why thank you, sir!"

i looked in my rear view mirror, he got into his new red Ford Mustang,

and popped the sun roof. (it was 65 degrees.)

(what a nice, fun and thoughtful person.)

(you ROCK, mister!)

how could one not feel better?

what happened next took the smile from my face for about 20 seconds.

someone cut me off, almost hitting me and another car.

( i nearly went n e g a t i v e . . . )

think about the nice guys!

. . . happy, kind and thoughtful.

. . . bold enough to embrace a beautiful spring day in bright preppy plaid, and a tie dyed shirt!

. . . two wild wonderful & crazy caring guys!

sort of . . .

Saturday Night Live meets Chicken Soup For The Soul!

way cool!


:: playing with PicMonkey's new application called text mask.


  1. God Bless You Lynne,
    Those good thoughtful gestures were sweet winks from God.
    This post was wonderful.
    Have a beautiful blessed Easter.

    See you soon dear friend.

  2. I get those sneezing attacks too. Usually 11 in a row.
    Those happy, nice people make up for the creeps...if we can just ignore the nasties.
    Hope your totally better by Easter.

  3. bless you + that is for the man cutting you off + better to be positive. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  4. Lynne, take the pottery class, embrace it, and one bit of advice, when a teacher/art in structure guides you in a direction take the teachings and make it your own. This is where you get to express yourself, many years ago I would watch and play with clay ceramics with a potter friend, I so got the vibe and the bug but never really acted on it. When I commissioned a blogging artist to creat plates lunchon size to be very out of shape and warped they were a great addition to my French home. I wanted them to look 100 plus years old, as if they were in-earthed from some abandoned building in rural France.

    When I know longer could add to the collection I took matters into my hands and made them, and in a short few classes I made 20 plates, 4 platters.
    Now I am prefecting my craft and creating in different clays.... I am firing at a 5-10 and totally lead and organic and can be eaten off them everyday use.

    I am using different tones of glazes so I get a layered aged feel in Different plates.
    I plan to use them in French weddings, and coordinating rustic out door weddings Prairie style, my daughters someday wedding is the inspiration, as well as using them in my home for the right inspiration to how I love to live naturally.

    You are going to absolutely find your center in art and the wonderful beauty of creating pieces that add so much to the French should of your home.
    It will be fun down the line to share our works, I will link you to my site when you are creating what you love.

    See you soon beautiful.



  5. What great experiences. Ones that even a negative one could not squelch. It gives you a good feeling when kindnesses are extended like that.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment about the VA. I am blessed to be a small part of it. xo Diana

  6. It's so nice when we come across thoughtful and nice people, isn't it? When you talked about your sneezing attack, I thought about the times that I've gotten cough attacks. Nothing you can do but let it pass, right?

    Happy Easter, Lynne. Have a wonderful day with your family.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. Thank goodness for the simple kindness of strangers. Especially when we're not feeling well. It really reminds us of how those little thoughtful acts of ours can affect others. I sure hope you're feeling better!

  8. Lynne,
    What a wonderful trip to Costco, even with a driving near miss. It was a near miss, not a solid crash! Couldn't have been better. Makes me smile just thinking about the cool guys.

    Happy Easter.


  9. I love it!!! Pass the cart please!
    You did have some sweet things to smile about!!!

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