Friday, March 20, 2015

F r e n c h b r e a d o n F r i d a y . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

{ inspired by: un fabricant chapeau de paille } 

last summer i was entranced by images of  French hat making factory in Septfonds, France.

( . . .  so i saved the the link for a future post. )

the beautiful images of Jean-Claude Coustilleres' factory captured by Bénédicte Desrus

 planted "my first fashion whim" for spring & summer  2015.

( i must find a straw hat! )

 can i get a . . . "that's sooooo Scarlett O'Hara Vivien Leigh?"

( i wonder if  GWTW costume designer, Walter Plunkett found Viv's famous hat at Septfonds? )

there is history . . .

i'm talking . . . before our independence history.

i was seeking an acceptable straw hat when i laid my eyes on


then i saw her name.

bonjour Vivienne!

( yes, her fashion name is Vivienne. )

( yes.  the French version )

my new hat is not from Septfonds.

i found it at a fair price at One Kings Lane.

it is made by Gottex

 Gottex straw hats offer advanced sun protection.

it was a little more than i wished to invest, but it is made beautifully.

it is not only one hat.

it molds into many!

with a simple flip of the brim . . .

. . . her fashion name changes to  Audrey.

b o n * p r i n t e m p s !



  1. Love your new hat. I used to have TONS of hats when hubby and I got married. I think I had 20 some. I am down to a couple that I love....but I would snap that one you have up in a heartbeat. Love it! xo Diana

  2. Wow, this is so interesting! I have always wondered how they sewed those hats! Yours is lovely! I hope that you have a wonderful and happy first day of Spring!

  3. Love your new hat, Lynne. You know, I haven't worn a hat in so many years, but one of my favorite pictures is of me wearing a hat with my young son. Yes, it does look like Audrey's hat, very stylish! And I couldn't help but notice those dried roses.....I'm smiling.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. What an adorable hat. I can see Audrey in that hat. I wish American women would wear more hats. :) Blessings , xoxo,Susie

  5. sooo interesting + love your new hat.

  6. Lynne, how wonderful to have fulfilled your inspiration of a purchase in a straw hat inspired French in's a wonderful design style, and yes I can see how it's worn in different fashion flipping the rim up!
    I too have been looking at trendy straws and felt hats along with my daughter, hats are all the style rage no matter where you fashion them, France, or a little town.
    Love this post and beautiful photos that inspire a crafted art In Hat making.
    Love your unique style girl!

    Thank you for your beautiful visit, and yes pottery is now on my list, a passion I am sure many of us have had for many years and seek it out. I dabbled with it with a friends years ago with China painting, and another friends studio is making this possible for me to test my talents here, so a different medium, but oh so soothing to the French soul, my French soul. I am excited to create some organic, lead free wonderfully unevenness to my art style with pottery I will enjoy serving up French foods on here.

    You so need to seek out a studio that creates pottery that you can join in on. Simple pottery that adds the right kind of rightness to your home designs and entertaining.

    all things inspiring

    ~ Doré

  7. Lynne,
    I love this post! The sewing machine scenes, the old woman and young girl, the history, and your beautiful chapeau. I can just imagine you strolling in a meadow or along the Seine with your straw hat. You always take my mind away to lovely scenes.


  8. Lovely post! I adore hats.... I remember all the wonderful hats my Grandmother wore. Thanks for the history and the shopping hint. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I LOVE your hat!!!! Now we need to see YOU wearing it!!! Audrey would be my favorite way to wear it!!
    Happy weekend, Sweet Friend!!!

  10. Happy spring to you Lynne! Your new straw hat is simply beautiful and the shape is classic, love it! Thank you for sharing the history of it too.

  11. Gorgeous. Love wearing (and collecting for our hall tree) straw hats.
    Happy spring, Lynne.

  12. Love your new hat Lynne, very chic, very perfect for springtime into summer. Happy Sunday…
    XOXO Mary

  13. What an interesting post Lynne, I have to admit I've never known much about the sewing of straw hats. I'm so glad you found one that made your heart sing. It's utterly charming, wish I could see you in it. :)

  14. What beautiful images and I love your special find!

  15. Happy Spring Lynne!! I love straw hats and now I even love them more!! You'll be styling with the best!!