Saturday, March 14, 2015

r a n d o m S a t u r d a y n i g h t . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

{ inspired by: a lesser winter (and more!) }

January, February... and half of March have passed.

all unseasonably warm.

all unbelievably bright.

( a lesser winter. )

 less shades of grey.  more yellow - orange, blue - violet and fuchsia - red.

( mornings that i pinched myself . . . thinking. . .  it looks like Cali outside! )

thinking about the four days at Whistler when i was almost unplugged . . . 

less coffee.  more herbal teas.

less processed.   more whole.

less synthetic.  more natural.

less television.  more long walks.

less late night.  more sleep.

less media.  more hands on.

less wishing.   more planning.

less talk radio.  more music!

less worry.  more laughter!

less phone calls.  more "i am there, with hugs"!

less laptop.  more life itself.

more love!


today we had the grands while their mommy and daddy 

pounded 13.6 miles of pavement in Tacoma.

the kiddos are completely intrigued with our (60 year old +) game of Cootie.

( it was found in my grandmother's attic over 30 years ago. it belonged to my uncle. )

they call the Cooties spiders.

i told them that spiders have eight legs.

we counted counted six.

they put their bugs together while singing about a little spider and a water spout.

we learned the words "proboscis and antenna".

Holland and i made yarn dollies while Ben and Mr D watched "Chuggington".

   Holland called the dollies, fairies.  she asked me to find pink and gold, and blue and silver ( like 

Cinderella) , so the next time she comes over, she can make some fairies for her girlfriends.

we made a shopping list.

she knows all of her letters, upper case and lower.

next fall she begins pre-school.

the only image of the day was a shamrock pancake waiting to be buttered

and sweetened with syrup.

because you know i'm all about my state!

'bout my state, not status!

it's late.

i have been up since 4:30 am

i just tipped over the brink to silly.

i'm headed back over to Anita's for a bedtime story and a lullaby.

bonne nuit!



  1. Well, it has been a study in extremes here - HOT HOT HOT weather. I had to come home off the beach today because I could no longer take the heat.

    I am envious of you and your little grands. My son is graduating ( a third degree) in May and is looking for a job. He is in the tech field and looking in the Bay Area as well as Santa Barbara where he and his fiancee live now. We are all, including them, hoping they stay in SB so we can help when they have children.

  2. Dearest, dearest LYNNE! BONJOUR! Bon dimanche, aussi!

    Well, that list you made here? I am loving it. More of this, less of that...and it works. I love you all, I love the fun, but being off line has made the biggest difference in how much sleep and reading I am getting! But the love and friendship is always there when we connect. LOVE that you came by and yes, I am making a book. You are so kind to visit and mention me here (if it's ME! HAHAHHHA) - we too are having unbelievably warmer weather for MARCH? MINNEAPOLIS at this time of year? WEIRD!

    But we are enjoying it and I'll take it.

    Much love to you as you enjoy a whole life of less stress and more of nature. We are off today to walk around the lake, bird watch, hunt for bunnies as all of our snow has melted!

  3. Beautiful thoughts Lynne! I was outside almost all of yesterday. Finally could bring home pansies for the planters, though there will still be chilly days the next couple of months we know that Spring is on its way!
    Unplugging is so good!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. It all sounds wonderful, sweet friend. After an extremely brutal February we are enjoying a much warmer March. I am looking for the first daffodils to make an appearance. I am trying to catch up with everyone as I lost my blogroll when I changed my domain name. EEEK!! I use it to read my favorite blogs so I am having to reboot it. Enjoy your Sunday. xo Laura

  5. Cooties! I used to play that all the time and I'd completely forgotten about it. I'm sure the kids enjoyed that:) Such a wonderful list Lynne and YES we are so fortunate to enjoy such a bright and unseasonable warm spring (and winter!). I do wonder what Mother Nature has in store for the summer months.. and I worry about our forest streams lacking water. I am sure I will see you in Whistler one day ;) We've got two trips planned for this summer! Last week we were in Vancouver to pick up our passes to expedite boarder crossing. Hopefully once we get this house construction under control we will be able to spend more weekenders there. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. What a lovely day! I so agree with your list of more and less! We have decided to not watch that TV program before bed but snuggle up and read a book! Can you believe it - Louis Dean has just rediscovered READING? I usually read out loud to him but now he is reading for an hour or more before going to sleep! This started when he was sick and sleeping in the guest room. I am so happy for him! He's like a kid telling me all about his book! Even though it's one I read out loud TO him!
    I love your treasured Cootie game! How special! You seem to just sparkle with joy over your beautiful grands! Wishing you a most lovely week, dear friend!

  7. Lynne.. I had to pop over to tell you that Alexa and I went to the Cinderella movie yesterday and it was SO good.. adults, kids,.. Disney really knows how to make a movie. It's very sweet and brought tears to my eyes. Have fun:) xxL

  8. I saw your pancake on Instagram! So clever of you. I love your inspiring list. Its a wonderful way to out life into better perspective. Unplugged days are the very best ones for me, and I cant imagine a more beautiful place to do it than Whistler. xo

  9. Lynne, I love your "less and more" list (although I love coffee). :~) Oh, I remember the yarn dolls, how fun! That is so sweet that Holland calls them fairies hehehe. What a clever shamrock pancake. Happy St. Patrick's Day, dear Lynne.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. I find myself looking at bulbs and seed packs.
    I have so many now I hope I am well enough to get them planted.
    Really burn't out on snow. You can see I have so many paintings of Snow.
    All winter I have painted Snow. Happy St Pats it's warming up. yvonne