Friday, May 29, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y . . .

j o y e u x v e n d r e d i L o v e l i e s !

about last friday FboF.

 she was packed by two o'clock.
( ready for her sleep over )


"i'm wearing my macaron shirt!"
( we found it for her at Old Navy )

the first time i bought her macarons, i had not yet met Holland's sweet face.
( taken at her baby shower, "mai" 2009 )

we told her that she could bring a movie if she wished . . .
( of course, she brought Cinderella )

the movie began, we were on the couch, under a pile of blankets and quilts.


"will you wrap me with your arms?"



her words transcended me from Cinderella to Fairy Godmother !

bibbidi bobbidi boo !



  1. Lynne, you are too cute....enjoy your weekend together!!! XXOO

  2. Nothing better than getting wrapped in Grandma's arms. Enjoy. xo Laura

  3. Lynne, not only the best Grandma on the planet, the best story teller to boot!

    Enjoy that sweet angel.


  4. I think I would melt if I heard those words. :)
    what a blessing.

  5. Wrap me in your arms...heavenly words from a granddaughter. God is good. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Oh my gosh Lynne .............goose bump moment! Absolutely the sweetest. THESE are the moments that really matter in life. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the weekend ......will be gorgeous! xxL

  7. Those precious little ones....they make me LAUGH!!!!!!! LYNNE MY DEAR!!!! Bonjour chère copine! Comment ça va?

    I just looked at my blog and saw your comment! OK, let me try emailing YOU. I will be right back. Anita

  8. How lovely Lynne, you take great care to make things special. I love that about you. God Bless! Love Linda xx

  9. Bonjour chèrie! Oh the joy to see you on my comments page. Thank you dear one. Now off to one more computer class for school today. GRRRR! School is over, but I still have to get this training. It's so good to be back to blogging and I am loving Instagram! Anita