Monday, May 11, 2015

h e l l o M o n d a y !

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

i hope all of you had a wonderful Mothers Day!

i cleaned house and cooked all day Saturday.

it actually felt great to have such a productive day.

last week i gave the chandy a little make over.

i removed the burlap, (it had been on for almost two years), cleaned it,  and took it farm to table.

i replaced the standard globe lights with pretty vintage looking

:: ici ::

 Edison candelabra bulbs from Restoration Hardware.

Mom, Dad, Chrislyn, Jason and the Grands came for dinner.

Chrislyn baked another amazing rendition of her Italian Cream Cake.
( this time she added raspberry, just for me. )

Jay sent local Farmers Market flowers via Chrislyn.

we had a wonderful evening.

i opened beautiful and thoughtful gifts and played with the "grands"!

Mothers Day was at home . . .  Mr D and me.

he spent the day installing a special light switch

and the festival lights with Edison bulbs that i found

at Costco awhile back. he cut and spliced!

a perfect custom fit!

so b e a u t i f u l.

happy Monday!



  1. PERFECTION!!!! I love the lights - both inside and out! Your Mr D is so handy!!
    Has it really been TWO YEARS since the burlap wrap???? I remember when you did it! My! Time if flying by so fast there is NO HOPE of catching it!

  2. Oh Lynne,
    Your day was amazing !! So much fun to be Moms on Mothers Day. I have to talk about the lighting over your table.... Now as cool as the layered burlap was? I have to say I love it better showing off its rustic hardware. Is this a dinner house or cafe wheel for food orders? This is what it reminds me of. As for what ever it is I am totally in love with its country industrial feel, as for hanging note cards or what nots, I can see just a few dried, or drying herbs strung with burlap twine and clipped to just a few of the clips, keeping them somewhat away from the heat of burning bulbs, or even dried lavender sprigs.

    It's an amazing feel to your kitchen.... I want to see more! And more of it.



  3. Ps.... Did you know you can also buy the Edison old fashioned bulbs at Home Depot!


  4. It sounds like a perfect celebration! You do know how very fortunate you are to haev such a handy husband right? Great lights!!!

  5. Sounds like a lovely time with family. Doesn't it feel good to get so much done? Your hubby did a great job with those lights, it's amazing how lighting changes the vibe in a space. I look forward to getting our backyard ready enough for some pretty string lights ...although it will be awhile...happy belated Mother's Day my friend!

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  7. Sounds heavenly, my friend. I was just sharing the same thought w/my children, how good it feels to be active and accomplish a lot in one day...gardening for me yesterday.
    Love the chandi...GORGEOUS with the cards.
    Thank you for the graduation wishes, L. LOVE the Maya paraphrase...shared w/both of our Hurricanes (mr e graduates in dec...week before his sister's wedding...eeee...i need a vacation in 2016). :)

  8. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's celebration! Love the lights shining on the deck path, very pretty!!

  9. Lynne,
    Your Mother's Day sounds absolutely lovely. What a great husband to cut and splice lights.

    For some reason, your latest comment only showed up on the blog post and was not sent to my email box also. Has anyone else had any problems with Blogger not sending comments to the email address you provided in your profile? I had the same problem back in April with a couple of other bloggers whose comments used to always come to my email box. Now those are showing up in my email, but now I've lost Lynne's comments.