Monday, May 18, 2015

i t ' s a l l g o o d !

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

i hope that you are a well and raring to go on this Monday morning!

i am easing my way back into blog land.

i just have to share a couple things that happened while i was away.

Chrislyn posted this precious announcement . . .

the number "3" is very big around here!

we're  e l a t e d !


my son, Jay won a regional Edward R. Murrow award for his story

about a homeless college football recruit.

the story went national, and the NCAA allowed Antoine to arrive to

"the Blue", (Boise State University), a little earlier so he would have a home.


on a silly note . . .

 Saturday afternoon, i took my first "selfie".

(  i have been very resistant to this phenomenon. )

 i forgot to remove my polka dot readers from the top of my head.

but . . .

what the heck, this is me.

 my readers are never farther than a reach away. i refuse to wear them around my neck.


i will just call them my crown!

on the first image i clicked on a filter on my phone called magic.

( hmmmmm . . . it sorta softened up those fine lines.)


# 2 is the real deal, complete with the popcorn ceiling.

we live a Jimmy Carter inspired stereotypical Pacific Northwest Contemporary

energy miser home built in 1979.  we thought that we would only be here

five or six years.  the babies came, and five years later,  i left my career to be at home and

work part time as a para educator at their elementary school.

then there was college for two.

we may not have fancy, but lovelies, i wake up every day and i feel good!

my mantra is . . .

"this may not be the house of my dreams, but it's a house of so many dreams true!"

and, speaking of the past!

forty two years ago today, i married Mr D!

i have been with him twice a many years as i lived before him.

( we married at 21. )

on Saturday he told me exactly what i was wearing the night he met me.

i still remember "what i wore" too!



  1. Congratulations are in order all around. Life is good.

  2. Hello lovely Lynne! Well done with the selfie thing, I struggle in this look great, glasses or no! Congratulations all you on your Wedding anniversary, that is good going girl! To Chrislyn for her very exciting news, and to your wonderful son for his sheer brilliance! Such a lovely family, a home built on love, what can be better than that? Welcome back too. All my love,Linda xx

  3. Baby # 3 !!! How exciting! The grands look very happy about that too. Congratulations to Jay too! You have lots to be happy about… Dream homes are wonderful, but where the dreams are realized and memories made is much more important… Congratulations on your Anniversary and many many more!
    Welcome back…
    XOXO Mary

    XOXO Mary

  4. Such and exciting time - love that you're getting a third grandchild…so fun!! Happy anniversary!!

  5. excitement + congartulations to everyone!

  6. There you are, my beautiful friend! I just love that you shared your first 'selfie' on the blog and that you were in no rush to do so. I see that warm, mischievous smile that looks like you are on the verge of laughter. With grandbaby number 3 and a wedding anniversary to Mr. D. to celebrate you are clearly enjoying life. Enjoy every moment! xx

  7. Lynne,
    Life is good! A third grandchild, a wedding anniversary, TWO selfies, and polka dot readers. By the way, this reader is wearing a gray polka dot knit nightdress as she writes this comment. TWO polka dot readers. LOL


  8. It is always a blessing when a child comes into the world. This is wonderful news, Lynne.

    love, ~Sheri