Wednesday, May 20, 2015

W e d n e s d a y = w e l l n e s s

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

it's time for a little focus on self care.

one does not have to spend a ton of money to reap the benefits of a spa experience. 

( bring it home, baby! )

have you ever dry brushed?

i read about it.

. . . thought about it.

. . . last summer, i even pinned this nice little post from Free People.

if you have never tried this healthy and beneficial ritual, i encourage you to do so!

 ( if you have... know what i am talking about! )

after brushing, 

i take to the shower or bath, and rinse the brush with soap and hot water for the next day. 

after my shower or magnesium mineral bath, 

 i spray myself with jojoba oil, or drop a little of the j.o. into my current body butter.

 h - e - a - v - e - n !

i have noticed an improvement with my circulation, and my skin is baby soft!

home self care has become a wonderful ritual and a new hobby for me.

i have completely immersed myself into natural skin and body care.

. . . and for the finale this image that i found here, (omgosh don't you LOVE it?),

roll up your jeans, take your shoes off,  and find the nearest swing!



  1. Oh how I loved to swing as a child.

  2. Soooo---you have a soft new body and you are becoming a SWINGER? What will the neighbors say? lol SWEET post- love it- xo Diana

  3. Yeah!! Great post Lynne AND darling profile picture of you;) Dry brushing is so good for you .. this is a reminder that I need to it! I have a brush but forget to use it. Good for you for taking care of yourself!!

    Enjoy your day! xxL

  4. Oh beautiful faced Lynne, I love your attention to MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT !
    This dry rushing so reminded me of what I've heard years ago that's so goo for simulating the blood flow and inflammation in the body. I have to do a bit of pampering of myself..... I have been ill for 5 weeks, with an autoimmune immune disorder, and batteries of test, pressure in my ears, distorted sounds, dizziness, vertigo, and now a sinus cold, i felt so run down and pressing on to good eating habits, taking care of my mind thought and pampering this post was just the morning Medicine I needed.
    I am going to buy one of these natural bristle brushes and so exactly what you are doing getting that circulation of skin blood sending off good messages.

    As for a little trick, my foot heal tough skin egg scraper wore out, and I had this really great idea that might just work? I had a wide faced all stainless kitchen fruit zester! Do you know if you soak your feet long enough in a hot bath the skin will soften enough that just by grating your heals with that fine stainless zester removes the deepest of calested of tough skin baby smooth in one application, now you know where to find my Kitchen zester, of course I had to buy a new Kitchen one now! But the old one never wears out and is way cheaper maintenance to my foot care then any product on the market, try it you will love it.

    The swing in the office is a perfect mood lifter.

    Thank you for your beautiful visit my dear.


  5. It sounds like the perfect regimen…can't wait to try, and the swing…heaven!! Happy Wednesday ~

  6. Lynne a friend turned me on to this several years ago and it does work magic!!
    I love to take a perfumed oil bathe and then brush. Love Dori's kitchen fruit zester idea, very smart as well. We can always learn something new!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. I use this + great photos! xx