Wednesday, May 27, 2015

W e d n e s d a y = w e l l n e s s

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

i spent my 50's . . . until recently, sleep deprived.

i would get up in the middle of the night and iron,

watch TV, fold clothes, read, pay bills  . . .

i had no problem falling asleep. i just could not stay asleep.

i was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis at age 52.

what did i do?  like most in the world, i was placed on a medication.

nothing more.

nothing less.

if you have been diagnosed with this disease, 

i recommend this book.  i wish Izabella Wentz had written it ten 

years ago. it's loaded with lifestyle interventions that could have

also addressed symptoms that occurred in my body during

pre-menopause, menopause, and now, post menopause.

when i was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, the first thing my

hematology oncologist did was "up" my vitamin D.

i asked myself . . .

"why on earth did i not know that i was deficient before now?"

vitamin D deficiency has been brought to the forefront since then.

the first thing that grabbed my focus in Izabella's book

 was a page or two about  m a g n e s i u m  deficiency.

i n s o m n i a !

it set me on a google quest!

you don't need to pop another darn pill!

the therapy is . . .

. . . spa like!

i have started a little ritual of taking Epson Salt baths in the "am" three times a week.

i also do lavender foot soaks before bed.

after the soak, i mix lavender essential oil with jojoba oil and apply it to my feet and legs.

it has worked for me.

i stay asleep until the alarm goes off , ( or just before it sounds ).

Wally World sells the package above for $5.99.

i buy my Dr Teal's at Fred Meyer when they do a "two-for" or "BoGo", which usually 

works out to $3.50. 

another topical option is magnesium oil. ( it's not actually an oil.)  the tutorial to 

make your own, and more on this subject can be found here.

i also encourage you to google or search for foods high in magnesium.

most listed offer additional nutrients and benefits.

i wish you wellness!


( i was not compensated for the products mentioned here.

i am sharing because the new soaking rituals and diet focus have worked for me.)


  1. Lynne, I'm not familiar with this, but my sleep patterns have always been somewhat different since I had babies and was up every couple hours nursing them. I never seemed to get 8 straight hours of sleep, but I can sleep during the day if I get tired to make up for it. I do know about magnesium, it is good for many things. I guess as we get older, we just have to do our best. The lavender foot soaks sound nice and soothing. I hope you are well and enjoying this month of May. Thanks for the good info. I've always been interested in health products and especially natural supplements.


  2. Lynne, I just went to Country Side Poet, a blog written by Susie...I left your blog name for her to contact you. I think she just had surgery for this Hashimotos Thyroiditis. I would like for you both to meet on blogging to help each other...possibly. I need to read that book. My twin daughters have had their thyroids removed. Liz 's was cancerous and Karen's was enlarged but the biopsy was clean. Bless you, Love, Susie

  3. Hi I'm Susie from Country Side Poet and I'm so glad to find you through Susie at She Junks.. This post is very informative and helpful. I had my thyroid removed last November because of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I'm having the worse time of getting balanced out on my meds. I have some of the same problems you describe above and mostly just this old yucky Hypo feeling. I'm looking forward to following you as we seem to be in the same boat.. It's certaintly a nightmare with or without the Thyroid. God bless you and thanks again.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story Lynne..I'm so surprised to hear that sleep deficiency could be helped by magnesium.., my son has a terrible time staying asleep although I think that constant connection to his phone doesn't help. So happy to hear you've beat your sleep problems...

  5. Hi Lynne, thank you for this information, I will pass it on to my brother who has Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I hope you are managing to sleep a little better now? Much love, Linda x