Monday, June 22, 2015

t h e n t o n o w . . .

h e l l o s L o v e l i e s !

are you lovin' this month of June as much as i am?

it's all about eating the sweet sunshine.

today's pick?

back yard blues!


the View Master is a family heirloom.

i keep it on display in our living room for the grands.

 i love to have a little toy tucked at a level where they can see and touch. 

 an old Matchbox truck, a vintage Minnie Mouse watch. 

(something fun to find when they come through the door.)

unplugged fun. 

bringing then to now.

speaking of then to now . . .

have you seen this?

i found it here!

a  movable slide show!

to moments unplugged!



  1. Hey!! So glad to get by---forgive me if I've missed a lot. First---love your pic on the sidebar. A face to place with the words! You are so pretty!

    The slides...oh, how retro! I have modeling pictures on slides from the dinosaur ages and I'm so grateful my kids have no clue how to view them! lol!

    Love to you!

    Jane x

  2. I have one of those too. I finally gathered up all the old knick knacks from childhood and put them in a treasure chest. When the grand kids are here, they love to go through them.

  3. Like Blondie, I too like to see the face of the blogger - yet I don't want to see my own!

    I never had one of those viewers and always felt left out.

  4. Oh Yes Lynne out family fun has always been the view master and as kids we found our selves fighting over it. How fun you havé one? I think my sistrer has the real old one my grand parents had, you havé got me Now wondering and wanting to call her up and ask her now!

    Love all your uniqueness :)

    Beaitiful days ahead of you.



  5. Ahhhh the viewmaster...if only I had saved mine!! Loved this post!

  6. Oh! How I loved these as a child. We had a whole set of The Bible on those disks. What a treasure- xo Diana

  7. What fun for you to put tiny treasures where little ones can find them! I just love that idea and plan to do the very same thing!!

  8. I love these then and now! I hope that you are spending a lot of time with your grand kiddies this summer!

    Have a great week!