Monday, June 29, 2015

p r o j e c t B i r t h d a y . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

i decided to take on a small project.

why not make a birthday card when a friend's
 birthday pops up on facebook?

Taundra, a crafter . . . she's always posting and

pinning craft ideas . . .

Jordan is a classy little momma.  she loves decorating, junking,

farmer's markets, and works as a legislative aid to a U.S. congresswoman.

my two nieces . . .  Brena, a sweet little hardworking mom

who facilitates the recruitment of physicians to her health care system, and 

her little sis Kelsey, who studied culinary arts and is now a stay at home

mom with a suburban backyard filled with chickens,

a huge garden, and three boys under the age of 5.

Grace moved from 34th street years ago. 

she and i grew to know each other through PTA.

we cut and pasted the elementary school yearbooks . . . old school style . . . before digital.

sadly, she gave the ultimate sacrifice, loosing her only son, Michael

 in Afghanistan seven years ago.  please don't let this make you sad.

Grace will be comforted that i took this moment and platform to remember her amazing son.

our elementary school library bears his name. we are very tight community.

{ bless you, Grace.}

this image of Hawaii easily transitioned  into . . . University of Washington

purple and gold for dearest Annie!

i played with the same graphics for Annie's little sister Karen.

Annie and Karen are the daughters of my matron on honor and mentor 

in my teen years, Dotti.  Annie and Karen are beautiful

mommas, who masterfully balance home and careers in real estate and banking.

. . . that little reminder home plate is always ready for our favorite sports guy.

. . . and speaking of birthdays!

"Holland Grace, are your ready to see your Fixer Upper?"

Tonight on HGBD 6pm PDT!



  1. loved your cards and your sweet tributes to your friends.

  2. Love all your personalized cards in the digital age....


  3. Awe, how lovely of you to do this!!! I know it's been awhile since I've been in blogland! It's nice to catch up to see how everyone is doing! :)

    Hugs from here,