Monday, August 3, 2015

b e f r i n g e d . . . b y t h e s e a . . .

Honeymoon Tulip

where would i 

wear fringe?

(have you noticed the rise of this edgy fashion phenomenon?)

for me it would be a perfect choice for cover on a honeymoon

 or second honeymoon  . . .

. . .  where the sand meets the sea. 

 hemmed to move . . .

 . . . festooned to dance in the ocean breeze.

befringed . . .

 by - the - sea . . .

  happy August #STYLEFOCUS to my beautiful bloggy - befriends!


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  1. Now I know you wore fringe the last time it was HUGE !!!
    The fashionista that you are would have had fringe.
    I call those tulips "Parrot" Tulips, is that incorrect?
    Anyway, get the fringe out for Fall, it's going to be everywhere. Maybe a handbag?

  2. I will have to think about where I would wear fringe. It looks great on all the models.

  3. Loving all of this fringe…the umbrella is amazing!!

  4. I'm swooning over every sea-glass toned image here, dear Lynne. This is definitely my favorite beach vibe! I wore fringe in middle school-though it wasn't white or this chic. Fabulous inspiration for a beachy, boho summer my dear. Thanks for joining us for the Linkup again!
    xx, Heather

  5. This is one delightful post and you know I would love, love to wear a few of these pieces and spend a lovely day or evening on the beach!

  6. I love all the fringe stuff coming out for the Fall season. It reminds me of another time growing up. I've never seen a tulip like that before - it looks like a fringe tulip!

    Have a good week ahead, Lynne.