Friday, September 4, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y . . .

b o n j o u r L o v l i e s !

" going outside . . . to play "
:: ici ::

l'été !

have you ever torn a bite off your baguette on the way home? 

~ i admit . . . i did it!  . . . inspired by the image i posted on fbof the week before last!  ~

what is it with me and bitten baguettes, lately?

my thoughts go back . . .

ahhh . . . sweet . . . summertime.

 when i was une petite fille . . .

i woke early! 

 . . .  i poured un bol de cheerios ou wheaties avec sugar and milk.
( did you ever drink the remaining sugared milk from the bowl? )


i did, when mom wasn't looking . . .
( perhaps i was channeling an early affinity for french culture.)

. . . in front of black and white.
( back then, the only living color was outside the box )
 . . . "i turned the dial" . . .  6 channels.
 there were "test patterns". . . before the "farm news" and the cartoons! 

 .  .  .  don't forget to make your bed !
 jammies went under the pillow or in the pajama bag . . .
( . . . do you remember pajama bags?)

 clean undies . . . shorts and matching top . . . 
( . . . bath was the night before.)      ( i loved my summer "outfits"!)

:: ici ::

 on went the U. S. Keds! 
( they made you run fast! )

( now they make you run Taylor SWIFT! )

. . . and out the door!

all . . . SUMMER long . . .

when i was a kid, i never wanted summer to end.

when i became a little older, (i think it was around high school), i began 

to fall in love with fall.  the fashion, football and the nip in the air.

the freshness of summer 2015 had me hooked on EVERMINE'S SIPS!

this year, i have that "back when i was a  kid" feeling . . . 

i have held beautiful, warm summer 2015 in my heart a little tighter.

. . . savoring it's sweet!

 i am planning to make Katie's easy recipe for 
strawberry ~ basil ~ jam ~ sauce, tomorrow and drizzle it over fresh french bread.

S A V I N G  S U M M E R !
sauver l'été !

happy 3-day!



  1. What a lovely post! Have a beautiful long weekend! xoxo

  2. Lynne, Oh to be young and wear pretty sundresses again. I love the nibbled on baguette.. When ever our Emma would draw a picture of herself in Paris, she would be wearing a beret and carrying a baguette. I love this memory of her. My little granddaughter is growing up....and away. I still drink the cereal milk when I am alone. LOL. Love those sweet sneakers. That would be so good on many things. Blessings dear friend, for a lovely holiday weekend. xoxo,Susie
    p.s. hugs to your mom

  3. Lynne, hahaha ...the jam/sauce would be good on many things ...not the sneakers. xoxo,Susie

  4. Pure deliciousness here, darling Lynne. I'm off to pin that recipe. I love my summer, too, especially since I'm off for 7 glorious weeks. ;) Now that I'm back at work I'm ready for cool temps, boots, crisp air and colored leaves. Glorious! I love this post-thanks for gracing our lifestyle linkup with it today.
    Have a great workday and then--a LONG weekend, beautiful!!
    xx, Heather

  5. I am with you, I am back to being a kid and loving every second that I can squeeze out of summer! By the way, I always tear a chinch off whatever bread I buy, especially if it is warm!

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Strawberry and Basil Jam on a french baguette, sounds like heaven! There's nothing wrong with feeling a little nostalgic. Have a wonderful weekend. Love and big hugs, Linda xx

  7. Oh yes Lynne, I remember it all.
    The jams under the pillow, or the project of making a Jammie bag drawstring and all in a Brownies badge sewing project, yes we did have our Moms help.

    As for the summer. I am so ready for fall, and looking forward to winter. How fast they come and go, and to think there won't be another 2015 Summer, so to savor it's heauty would be something to journal.
    The summer drink looks divine, refreshing to the taste buds.
    Here's to looking forward to each season with you posting all that inspires, like taking a bite off that baguette you never know where the day ends with a bite.


  8. This is a glorious post!! Every image is yummy. I remember pajama bags! The jam recipe looks wonderful. I would never think to put basil with strawberry. Have a fabulous weekend. Thank you for sharing this joyous post with us on #stylefocus:)

  9. This sounds positively heavenly!! I must try it!!

  10. #STYLEFOCUS..........sent ME!LOve your memories here............we all adored summer as little BEASTIES.It was a REALLY FUN TIME..................LOve everything YOU put into this!BRAVA!

  11. Love all the Summer Sips, so refreshing! I have to make some strawberry and basil jam on a fresh baguette, last days of Summer Treats. Looking forward to cooler weather and Fall Leaves!! Thanks for sharing yummy recipes.