Saturday, October 3, 2015

b l o o m i n' a p p l e s ! a u t u m n 2 0 1 5 h a s a r r i v e d !

h e l l o B e a u t i f u l s !

how the heck are you?

this is one of those posts where i will be all over the place!

i am in a most reflective mood!

 feeling gratitude!

dancing on moon!

i have grasped the golden ring of  Autumn, holding it tight for safe keeping!

the mist and the magic of my favorite season have arrived!
( the Needle is a testament to the "12s". GO HAWKS! )

 that mist builds itself over night, and greets me with a BIG Pacific Northwest 
cool Autumn kiss facial in the morning!
(what a glorious God given anti - aging freebie!)

about thirty years ago, a cab driver in NYC told me that he could always
tell when a woman was from "the Northwest". he said, "their skin looks so fresh".
he said, "it must be the mist and wet weather, out there". "all that rain!"
  perhaps he was fishing for an extra tip . . . i accepted his compliment.
 ( got to love a cabbie talking about "a woman's complexion" on the way to JFK !)

this is my dream rug.

i am almost certain that the price is a thousand . . . or two . . . or more from reality.

i hope that Lauren Wells does not mind that i borrowed her photograph to share with

you on my blog.  if you are an instagrammer, you may follow her here. i assure brilliance!

* * *

a new season brings transition.

 once again, i am inspired to clean, purge and organize, all the time reminding myself,

  the holidays are just ahead!

when i am finished here, i plan to go to the store to buy some Honey Crisps! 

i am going to try this recipe for dessert to go with our braised short ribs in red wine tonight.

 Chrislyn gave us copies a few images that she caught with her camera 

on grandparents day.  Holland calls her Burberry thrift shop makeover

 dress her detective look
 (already defining her fashion!) 

that's my grand girl!

 B L E S S E D !



  1. Lynne, Who knew Holland was Nancy Drew. That made me laugh, the little cutie pie is sharp. The apple with the caramel looks like it will be tasty. I loved that picture of Seattle. We had a very cold day here...tomorrow will be back to normal for this time of year. Blessings to you, glad you are having a happy day. xoxo,Susie

  2. I am still in awe of that photo of the moon and the space needle.

  3. Lynne- What a sweet post! Love that you have that kind of complexion....even the cabbie
    I am back to blogging and am happy to see a post from you here. Love the grand/girl picture. So sweet. Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

  4. Détective look Lol !..... Out of the mouths of babes !
    Such a cute picture of the two of you. proud grandma you must be :)
    The Aztec Indian rug? Yes, I too am lusting over one, I know hard to believe of me, but so many looks appeal to the adding in on my pale...I would go crazy if I found that perfect wool one that had tones of black, grey, cream, or whites, tree bark beiges, perfectly blending into my home, if colour was to play in to the rug I could settle for a bit of Terra cotta :)

    Love your dinner choice, always inspiring over here my dear.

    See you soon,

  5. She such a darling!! You must have so much fun with her. You are blessed!!!That cabbie was absolutely right. Mist and fog is perfect for skin. Dry air shrivels mine up like a prune. Have a fabulous week!

  6. Oh yes lovely Lynne it looks very autumnal in your corner! I love this time of year. Can't believe how grown up your granddaughter is.They say in Ireland the rain is good for your complexion, same thing I suppose. Have a wonderful weekend, with lots of love, Linda xx

  7. Hi Lynne
    I have returned to comment on the mist that kissed your morning face.
    My mother made a short trip to the Bay Area from Here southern Calif desert and that youth the poofs and plumps up the skin from that most is so true, friends were saying to my mom you look so good, you look refreshed and a dewy glow.
    It must feel amazing to have this mist greet you in the early morn, as daily facial. I need to move to Seattle before this desert gets the worst of me!
    You look fabulous darling.

    See you soon.