Thursday, December 10, 2015

on the way to Christmas . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

for me, the journey began last week with this adorable scene

( just a sweet and soft love song on a bed of not so perfectly placed twinkle.)

it sent me into daydreams of 

warm toasts and snuggle movies,
( note to Mr D. . . LED lights ready to go for beverage trays)

and sipping sparkle with pomegranate jewels and sprigs of

 rosemary while singing our most favorite familiar love songs.
( note to Lynne . . . more sparkle, jewels and aromatiques vivaces !)

(there is "no - such - thing" as not so perfectly placed twinkle!)


:: twinkly images from "a ButteryPlanet" here! ::


  1. Well, if that wasn't my favorite song, video and dog in the world. Just loved it.

  2. Such a sweet and awesome post. Love the animations and video. xo. Merry Christmas

  3. The voice of an angel Lynne,
    Yes you have added the beauty of Christmas spirit here, I loved the sweet interaction of her shining to her pup almost chokes you up, such a beautiful setting, makes me want to go get our Pia pup and cuddle with her.
    Your twinkling lights really says it all, cozy, toasty warmth of the season.
    Love your header, you always create such great headers.
    I just pulled out the Champagne bucket DORÉ and instantly thought of your love and thoughtfulness in how you created the gifting.

    Well my dear, I am off to add a bit of decorating to my simple tree and bits here and there to ready for a post and, Un Joyeux Noël


    A Merry Holiday to you and yours.


  4. Lynne, your twinkle pics are so pretty and just right for the Christmas season. I enjoyed this little clip - she sure has a sweet voice and I really like that song. YUM pomegranate champagne!

    May your Christmas season be merry and bright.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. Lynne,
    Twinkle lights are the best! I just hate unraveling them and then placing them, but oh, I love seeing them. Thanks for brightening my day.

    Joyeux Noël,

  6. Oh my goodness I loved this post! Really put me in the holiday spirit. Just what I needed after caring for my terminally ill mother.

  7. A lovely post Lynne, full of holiday magic… Hope that you are enjoying the season!
    XOXO Mary

  8. This post is filled with such beauty and holiday inspiration, dear Lynne. I hope your season has been filled with gifts of love and family. We are off to celebrate 'Christmas part deux' with my family today.
    Happy New Year!!