Saturday, January 10, 2015

S a t u r d a y s h o e s . . .

at the moment... snugly sparkly slippers.

( i just realized...Holland clipped Grampa's flashlight
to the table. you may not have noticed...'s always the real deal here on 34.)

i was up with Mr D this morning...3:45am. 

i sipped some fresh coffee,  and sent a note to The French Basketeer.

thank goodness, she shared a post!  she is safe, in Paris.

  you may take yesterday's walk with her here.

oh how i love the "L" in Laduree!

Mr D headed off to work early.

our friends are hosting a Russian Christmas party at two.

the event was move up as the Seahawks play at five.


the Christmas tree stood where the little,

earthy, stripy chair vignette now plays.

it's dark outside.

i am moving and grooving.

dusting and vacuuming.

minutes ago i finished the arrangement of a wine and dessert bar.

i did not pack the frosted winter artichokes...

January is our favorite month for cooking artichokes.

we smother them with butter and pair them with a fresh baguette and a BIG RED.

( always...served on a Winter Saturday night stay in! )

...tear out pages of French onion soup and a chicken pot pie framed in pastry puffs

 are left out on the table to add charm and feed inspiration.

J a n u a r y  is my after party called... 

...another helping of comfort and joy!


Monday, January 5, 2015

s p a r k l e !

hello Monday!

hello beautifuls!

this is not the post that i originally intended for this morning.

i woke to find this on my son's facebook page.

the script from his broadcast last evening...

 Jay's tribute to a person who fed his and thousands backyard dreams.

Jay's story about Antoine Turner, a homeless Boise State football recruit was picked up by ESPN last Summer.

Stuart's passing, and Jay's tribute resurfaced my memories of 

the sweet sounds of youth calling "play by play".

the backyard baseball and driveway basketball "BooYah!"

 Scott had the kids all seeking "the cool side of the pillow".

Stuart Scott fought for seven years.  

#BoiseState cornerback Donte Deayon stole the mic at #FiestaBowl Media Day…

i love this image of Jay letting Donte take the mic at the Fiesta Bowl

media days.  perhaps this moment in time will lead him to 

sports journalism one day.


Stuart, thank you for bringing your sparkle to 

the eyes and heart of a little guy on 34th street!

(wonderful tribute son.)