Friday, January 16, 2015

F r e n c h B r e a d o n F r i d a y . . .

h e l l o 

b e a u t i f u l s !

are you ready for a little fun?

:: ici ::

i have a gift to give!

last year...when you visited 34th Street and left a comment, your name went into a hatbox.

on the last day of 2014, i drew a name...

:: ici ::

once i drew the name, i set out to shop for an appropriate gift.

yes...i found it in France!

via etsy... à Strasbourg!

( i visited Strasbourg...many, many years ago. )




g i f t


this blog friend.

i shall not reveal  her name in this post...

you may leave your "guess" in the comments below...

i will draw a name from the correct "guessers".

that person will receive a gift direct from a sweet shop

here in The Pacific Northwest!

i will be honest...

...when this item arrived from F R A N C E, i thought...

...oh my, i could just say nothing and keep it.

( no one would ever know... )

wouldn't it be perfect to hold a Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

...or...branches with winter - berries. it is meant to be hold a lovely bottle of  (holiday) sparkle!

it's wrapped and ready to be sent to a "lovely"

who lives in a coastal state here in America.

( that's the only other hint that i am giving...)

happy FBoF!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

W i n t e r p l a y . . . o n 3 4 t h S t r e e t

it appears that our home has taken on a slight British accent for winter 2015.

( though unintentional, i was obviously influenced by Burberry and Jo Malone. )


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

J u s t o n e p i c . . .

r e a l l y   O l a f  ?

we're headed back to our time share at Whistler, BC in March!

...this time first time with the grands!

Mr D bought them the cutest snow boots at Zulily last night!

i am putting together a portfolio of ideas for fun activities!

i hope that you are loving 2015 so far!

i will be back on the 16th with a very fun FBoF!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

A n i t a . . .

an image of perfection...

from a friend who has gifted me time, and the beauty

of her life's reflection.


my mind is full!

i need to talk...i mean W R I T E !

( you will see where i am going. )

a few weeks ago i took a little survey to determine what

my true life's profession should be.

( i know...i'm just a few years from retirement...but...i was curious.)

some surveys are so predictable along the way.

this one threw me a "curve".

when the answer popped up it said...

"w r i t e r !"

i stopped for a moment.


a writer?

i'm a daughter.

a receiver of Christ.

a sister

a student.

a friend.

a wife.

a sister in law.

a manager.

a merchandiser.

a buyer.

a mother.


an art docent.

a coach.

a team mom.

a para educator.

a sales rep.

a Coug mom.

a surgery coordinator

a mother of the bride.

a mother in law.

a grandmother.


dreams on 34th street :: French bread and family!


i am a writer!

inspired a movie.

then there was the woman on the plains of Oklahoma that Chrislyn

introduced me to.

i was shy at first...

on October 27th 2010,  i went live with a blank canvas.

that's how i found YOU.

...all of you!

can you see yourselves in my painting blog?

i met so many of you through

the music, the words and the images of  Castles Crowns & Cottages!

so many times we gathered at Anita's... 

...where she inspired a world within us!

T O    A N I T A . . .





i wish you the best of blessings as you move on.

you have taken me far beyond mainstream good friend... gifted me a world within!

with gratitude...and...