Friday, January 23, 2015

b l u e F r i d a y !

h e l l o    l o v e l i e s !

h a p p y   b l u e    F r i d a y !

like most residents of the greater Seattle area

and the Pacific Northwest, i wear something blue on Friday.

( it's wild around here at the present! )

E V E R Y B O D Y   I S   "I N" !

in honor of blue Friday, glassybaby 

created a very special limited edition votive.

 b l u e   F r i d a y 

...and in honor of the 12's...

. . . w e   a r e  1 2 

glassybaby's big "seconds sale" is tomorrow.

it is a HUGE event!

for the first time ever...glassybaby is spreading the

joy to their online shoppers by offering 10% off of their

 perfect one of a kind pieces!

this little collage is for you, Marsha "Splenderosa" !

the baby's are a wonderful way to mark a special occasion or memory!

i purchased Holland Grace  "pearl"  on the day she was born.

they no longer make "pearl",  but they have added so many new colors and

techniques since her "June day" arrival.

every glassybaby gives!

H A W K S !


( i have not been compensated by glassybaby for this post,

i just love to give a shout out now and then!)

Monday, January 19, 2015

m o r e a b o u t . . . " t h e p r e s e n t " !

S u s i e !

you guessed it!

could i have not found a more "parfait" gift for Doré Calloway

 i couldn't believe my eyes when i spied the Champagne bucket!

Doré... i am not lying when i said that it was hard to part with!

with that said...IT HAD "YOUR" NAME ON IT, not mine!

your beautiful name with Christmas!

Doré Christmas...

Doré Noël...

( Lynne Christmas just doesn't have the same ring! )

i smiled when i read your (wishing it was you) comment about not being able

 to find little doo-dads with your name when you were a child. 

i experienced the same frustration, as all key bobs, bicycle

license plates, and mugs spelled Lynn...without the "e" at the end.

i may have your address from a past purchase from Burlap Luxe.

if not...i will email you!  i filled the bucket with some of my favorite

bits and pieces, including some dried bay leaf from our back yard!


 enjoy, my friend!


now for you, Susie! 

so many mornings you are here with at my first cup of coffee!

( your post timing is perfect. )

i will be sending you a sweet gift.

( ha ha! i wish that i could send you your own chocolatier personnelle.  )

Fran's Chocolates are ultimate Seattle...Pacific Northwest yumminess!

( my favorite guilty pleasure is a Starbucks Cafe Verona, (i drink it black),

 with a salted caramel or chocolate truffle. my closest friends (love you Alice)

 and family know this.)  my daughter Chrislyn  inherited my affinity for 

high end chocolate.  i could tell so many stories about chocolate and

the karma it holds for me! 

 so sorry...i am rambling.

"get back on track, Lynne!"

    • destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

  karma was not only present for Dore's gift present.

on Saturday, i felt it's presence once again for Susie's gift as well.

 Kay at White Gunpowder published a wonderful post about Fran's chocolate factory! 

 ( i adore Kay's blog! )

i am proud to say that she is from-my-part-of-the-world!

she shares many wonderful posts about the loveliness around here, wonderful recipes,

craft ideas, and offers beautiful "gifts" of  graphic expression  to her readers! printables!

 thank you for your wonderful gifts and for inspiring me, Kay!


 that was so FUN!

...and so was the last quarter of the Seahawks game yesterday!

how could i not mention it?

i leave you with my favorite motivational image from last week.

it was posted on facebook, shared from Pete Carroll's (the Seahawk's coach) facebook page.

honestly, i kept repeating these words all weekend, and...

along with a lot of prayers...throughout that comeback game, yesterday.

"living in the present"

( i found such peace of mind.)

i had the most productive and blessed weekend.

i wish you all millions of  "living in the present" moments this week.

thanks for popping in!