Friday, January 30, 2015

A v e r y B I G b l u e F r i d a y !

yes...the party has begun.

Seahawk eyes . . .

what i am wearing to work today...

...this is BIG for me, as i am so about looking professional.

( shhh...hiding a Free People cami slip underneath my new tackle twill. )

Costco is IN !

rows and rows of dyed to match cakes deck the bakery area!

i brought a box home to the farm table.


the discounts for wearing blue today are innumerable.

a 12 cent cup of brew at Starbucks.

a 12 cent 12th Man Mocha at Bigfoot Java.

12% off of  Barnard Griffin wines if you pop in to the winery wearing blue today.

ride the ducks in downtown Seattle for $12...and free (go24) skittles!

12%  discounts at most fast food establishments.

it's a jolly a holiday with you, Hawks!

fashionably speaking...

...everybody's IN!

Hawk chic!

Hawk couture!

H  A W K I T E C T U R E  !

the seven story image of Marshawn Lynch at Expedia was constructed from

9 x 11 sheets of construction paper.

Benaroya Hall

home of the Seattle Symphony and The Pacific Northwest Ballet

the sculpture of "The Hammering Man" 

at the entrance of  S A M .





a message in a parcel from a local "brilliant"!


:: image sources can be found here.