Friday, March 6, 2015

a l m o s t u n p l u g g e d . . .

h e l l o   l o v e l i e s !

{unplug and share.}

on Monday morning we took a little road trip!

the rear seat held precious cargo.

we hit the road comforted by "berry steamers and blankets".

we were headed to the country where Caillou was born.

mommy and the "grands" road up to the time share with Mr D and i.

their daddy arrived later in the evening after a business meeting.

we traveled on the "Sea to Sky".

this journey, on a clear day, is truly one of the prettiest on earth.

the weather was crisp and clear.

we walked, strolled, and played under the cool Canadian sun for two full days.

we soaked in mega doses of wintertime vitamin d.  

one day my Fitbit registered 17, 853 steps.

both kiddos not only hit the ice, they insisted on trying ice hockey. daddy took them over

to the hockey area and out of the blue training aids for the truest of Canadian sports experiences.

there was an afternoon of art and letters in the sand on our deck. 

 how about this impromptu find for an etch a sketch?  no smoking is allowed, so i am not sure 

why the sand was present. i assure you that we washed hands thoroughly after this truly

enjoyable learning experience. 

on the final morning, Chrislyn and Jason ran while the kiddos had yogurt followed by

 a huge bubble bath in our over sized tub.

when they returned, we showered, packed and loaded the cars for the trip home.

one last special treat was shared before the journey. . . 

. . .  a walk to the Portobello bakery.

after record breaking steps on my Fitbit, i did not have one pang of

guilt when i ordered a twice baked almond croissant to go with my black coffee!


{since we do not have an international plan on our phones, all "data" was turned off.
we kept our phones on, only for emergency contact.
each day i limited myself to a few minutes on my laptop to check for possible
emails from my parents. } 


. . . back home . . . refreshed . . . and plugged in once again!

there is a day of catch up at the clinic ahead before . . . THE WEEKEND!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

w e l c o m e M a r c h !

" h e l l o   b l e u t i f u l s " !

{ inspired by: March 1st, and a pretty blue bleu PacNWest morning! }

that's Mount Rainier outside our bedroom window this morning.

she sits above our neighbor's rooftop. 

Sunday is the day i change the bed clothes.

farewell white flannel !

hello fresh crisp spring and summer white !

 i'm a little early with the transition this year, so

i added a beautiful quilt made by my mom for extra warmth.

 it looks amazing with our grain sack pillow.

on the bed in Chrislyn's old room . . . her room now called "my room" by Holland Grace!

yesterday afternoon, while i was at the Jo Malone counter at Nordstrom, 

i sampled Vanilla Anise. i was immediately inspired to make almond biscotti!

i was up at the crack of dawn baking this morning.

the house smells divine!

i also baked a batch if Ina's oatmeal cookies.  i nixed the cinnamon 

and raisins and opted for organic toasted coconut and dark chocolate chips.

later the biscotti loaves will sliced and toasted.

i baked for a journey ahead.  i'll leave a box of cookies for The Chocolate

Gousse's dogfather and caregiver. this evening, i will deliver a box to my mom and dad.

"and if  i may, call your mom, everybody. i’ve told this [to], like, a billion people, or so.
 call your mom, call your dad. if you’re lucky enough to have a parent or two alive on this
 planet, call ‘em. don’t text. don’t email. call them on the phone. tell ‘em you love ‘em, 
and thank them, and listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you."
J.K. Simmons - Oscar speech

happy March 1st!

. withLove!