Friday, April 24, 2015

F r e n c h b r e a d o n F r i d a y !

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

i am popping in to say a hello and to 

RSVP an honored invitation!

while on my little retreat, i have been reading, and slowly mending

from complications from a cold that began before Easter.

Dieu merci c'est vendredi!

i am here to talk about my style.

Heather and Jennifer have a link event the begins today.


since i have been silent for nearly two weeks, i just had to say something!

 do what i love! 
( weave images found, with images mine. )

 to honor their request of linking a post from the past,

i have included a few pics from the past here on 34.

i am happiest in a long skirt or blue jeans.
( if i only had my flat tummy from the 70's and 80's . . . )

of late the "stripes" have me "ticking"!

. . . these espadrilles!

would they not be "parfait" with my new straw hat for the farmers market Saturdays

 and this amazing event in June?

:: ici ::

i love to get lost in stories of French couture.

:: ici ::

i am fascinated with underpinnings...

 i would take our kitchen cupboards doors off in a French minute une minute français!

( if only Mr D would go for it! )

my affinity with French style is down to earth. 
( with Love, i pinned vintage French seed packets to a Mothers Day past.)

i "revere" raw pottery.
Société Industrielle - Vallauris céramique ceramistes poterieis our cookie jar.
( i took it "plum pretty" for a late summer 2014 centerpiece)

linen now reigns in the house and on me!

  it is from this very spot in our home that i blog and share.

last summer, i read the words below on a stop at Apartment Therapy . . . 

the first four can apply to most everyone. however i plan to change #5 to reflect me and 34.


Take pleasure in what you eat: You may not be living in the house of your dreams, but there is beauty in every space. Enjoy and use your home and decorate it to support your life. Surround yourself with things you love and that make you happy. If you hate that chair from Great Aunt Sophie, out it goes. Even if it's worth a ton of money, living with something that doesn't make you happy is a psychic drain on your soul.
Eat everything — in season and of the best quality you can find — in moderation: Seek out the best pieces you can find. Use the good silverware, the nice towels, the expensive soap. Instead of ten sets of sheets from IKEA, what about two sets of really good linen sheets that get better and better with each wash?
Drink water: Weekly fresh flowers, using your kitchen to cook, daily cleaning, regular decluttering, open windows, beautiful candles, music, having people over — these are all things that hydrate your home with life.
Move a little every day: Whether it's changing up the pillows in the winter, replacing your old coffee table with a great find from the flea market or a new vase for those fresh flowers, your home needs movement. If you've changed nothing in your home in the past five years, it's probably time to think about a little freshening up. What if you moved the couch? Maybe it's time for a new rug?
Play to your strengths: True, my kitchen is dark, I don't have enough closet space, and let's not even talk about the challenges of not having a parking space, but my living room has a ginormous picture window and my bedroom gets the most amazing light. Even the smallest and most awkwardly shaped homes have a unique beauty about them. Instead of lamenting what it lacks, take the time to discover what's great about your home (hint: what do visitors always remark on?) and celebrate it.

don't you love reading words like this?

( so motivating! )

do i live in the house of my dreams?


i live in the house of so many dreams come true!

 to "self and soul" and to "heart and home"!




Marcia your serving of French bread, mon cher. )

( i will be back into the mix in a couple of weeks!
i have some new dreams come true to share! )