Friday, June 12, 2015


g o o d m o r n i n g L o v e l i e s !

i'm not really, in Paris.

i am sipping mon café on 34.

ma deuxième tasse!

loving this cool frock . . . 

ooooh . . . not with those shoes!

 my toes need to breathe! 

mornings with you = travel time voyager du temps!


this past week, more than any week before,

i was driven here for expression.

i thought that i could wait until fbof...

...but i only made it to yesterday.

sometimes instead of writing it on paper...

. . .i just put things in order here.

. . .and you listen.

. . .and you comment.

. . .and i can read what you say 24-7.

. . .with my coffee.

. . .with wine.

. . .with a frosty beer

. . .with a tall cool glass of water.

r e f r e s h e d . . .

r e n e w e d . . . 

r e c h a r g e d . . . 

. . . i'm in just a bit of an overwhelmed state right now.

this is "not a bad thing".

both Mr D and i were up thirty minutes before the alarm this morning.

he made the coffee and poured.

this will be the first weekend in many that he has both days off.

he has the greatest work ethic.

he's getting the ducks in row before we retire.

on Saturday, we have a house to flip!

built by Mr D for our daughter, now to be her daughter's dolly digs!

this is my inspiration for the interior.

( i hope the new family that's moving in will like it. )

the next three weeks are filled with the best of life.

family, friends, and Jay's coming home!

( we haven't seen him since Christmas! )

we have a little event happening in our back yard.

( traffic is going to be a killer. )

 do you see the mountains in the distance?

they are the mighty "Olympics"!

tomorrow is our day to catch up on chores, but . . . on Sunday,

we plan to rise early and drive to those mountains in the distance.

 je ne suis pas en France . . .

. . . but weaving my way through fields of lavender to the mountain tops, with the

love of my life is like Paris in my dreams.

i wish you a wonderful weekend!

[ French bread on Friday...]
. . . the sources of the images can be found here.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

a "r o u n d " h e r e . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s ! 

not one day passed after i said...

"i am going to take some time from posting for awhile. . .

. . . so i can spend more time visiting you."

well oh well a wella . . . tell me more, tell me more. . . ]

i received an email.

. . . a little call for help.

life happening in the hardest way, with a friend.

the date was set . . .

. . . do i say  y e s ?

the venue was falling through . . .

only 3 + months 'til showtime . . .

now, no place for the show . . .

. . . do i say y e s ?

( G-MAC from the past appeared when i needed her.)


i don't know about you . . .

but . . .

when i can't sleep because of a decision i just made . . .

. . . i create a logo and say a little prayer.

( good.)

( a focal point )

 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday i walked with a little extra weight on my shoulders.

those of you in the workforce likely know the term,"rounding"!

• Connect with each employee on a personal level daily. This isn’t a conversation about the weather, but rather a topic that is unique to each employee regarding family, hobbies and other personal interests.

 • Most importantly, discuss the daily work. Ensure the employee understands why their activity is important and how it supports the big picture. Are things going as planned today? If not, why? What works well and what needs improvement? Is the employee capable of making the improvement or are additional resources required? What’s the status of prior topics discussed?  [source]

. . . and in this both crazy and blessed circle of life, you are once again among friends 

from your past who are most kind, dear and amazing, and ready to jump in with you.

 ( i can't even begin to tell you how amazing.)

a "round" and

 a "round" and . . . a "round". . .

"we go...together!"

[ ram a lamma ding dong! ]



this means we can all go back to school shopping!

let's catch the bus to downtown Seattle and hit JJacobs!

( blog friends, thank you for putting up with me while i digress. )

( Al,  if you are reading me, i need to talk to you about some mix. )