Sunday, July 5, 2015

j u s t O n e p i c !

o h L o v l i e s !

this day brings back a very special time in my life.

i haven't told you that i coached girls soccer for five years. 

* * *

we signed Chrislyn up for soccer when she was in kindergarten.

after that season, they were without a coach. the president of the 

league approached me to coach. 


the only time i had touched a soccer ball was to practice passing and

trapping to Chrislyn.  the pres. said "you can do it, Lynne!"  the pressure

was on.  no one else stepped up.  we were a few weeks from soccer season.

i said, "yes".

i approached two other moms.
( may God bless Dale and Marlene.)

we took the team name from Shetland Ponies to "TRAPPER KEEPERS".

( it was eventually shortened to  "KEEPERS". )

we read books.

we watched "videos".

we spent HOURS on the phone, strategizing games, before and after. 

we approached the best high school coaches in the city to hold Saturday clinics.  

five years later we won the Tacoma Pierce County Junior Soccer League Championship. 

* * * 

our very first drill was to "dance on the ball".

it was a fun way to get acquainted with the sport.

six and seven year old girls love to dance.  

we danced our way to HOME LEAGUE GOLD, and danced

to "We Are The Champions" in our living room here on 34.

i dedicate this post to "THE KEEPERS". 

they will always be "select" in my heart!

G O  T E A M   U S A !  

B R I N G   H O M E   T H E   C U P !