Friday, September 4, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y . . .

b o n j o u r L o v l i e s !

" going outside . . . to play "
:: ici ::

l'été !

have you ever torn a bite off your baguette on the way home? 

~ i admit . . . i did it!  . . . inspired by the image i posted on fbof the week before last!  ~

what is it with me and bitten baguettes, lately?

my thoughts go back . . .

ahhh . . . sweet . . . summertime.

 when i was une petite fille . . .

i woke early! 

 . . .  i poured un bol de cheerios ou wheaties avec sugar and milk.
( did you ever drink the remaining sugared milk from the bowl? )


i did, when mom wasn't looking . . .
( perhaps i was channeling an early affinity for french culture.)

. . . in front of black and white.
( back then, the only living color was outside the box )
 . . . "i turned the dial" . . .  6 channels.
 there were "test patterns". . . before the "farm news" and the cartoons! 

 .  .  .  don't forget to make your bed !
 jammies went under the pillow or in the pajama bag . . .
( . . . do you remember pajama bags?)

 clean undies . . . shorts and matching top . . . 
( . . . bath was the night before.)      ( i loved my summer "outfits"!)

:: ici ::

 on went the U. S. Keds! 
( they made you run fast! )

( now they make you run Taylor SWIFT! )

. . . and out the door!

all . . . SUMMER long . . .

when i was a kid, i never wanted summer to end.

when i became a little older, (i think it was around high school), i began 

to fall in love with fall.  the fashion, football and the nip in the air.

the freshness of summer 2015 had me hooked on EVERMINE'S SIPS!

this year, i have that "back when i was a  kid" feeling . . . 

i have held beautiful, warm summer 2015 in my heart a little tighter.

. . . savoring it's sweet!

 i am planning to make Katie's easy recipe for 
strawberry ~ basil ~ jam ~ sauce, tomorrow and drizzle it over fresh french bread.

S A V I N G  S U M M E R !
sauver l'été !

happy 3-day!


Monday, August 31, 2015

m e - o n - t h i r t y - f o u r . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

:: ici ::

“what draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. they share it.”  
 ― C.S. Lewis

i haven't been the best blog friend lately.  my time is focused on my mom and dad, my family

and a class reunion that is just around the corner . . . August is a busy month

at the clinic, (the rush before school starts). last week was tough. i wrote a whole post

 about it.  i was ready to click publish. i hit delete.

why re-hash last week?

 to summarize? 

four words . . . mom . . . scared . . . victory . . .  i prefer the word miracle.

it's all good at present.

:: ici ::


i have loved the nearly five 

year journey within my little 

blog.  you have enriched me. 

you have validated my

creative ventures, and lifted

my whims.

i have grown by reading your

stories and watching life

"live" by your design.

i sometimes worry that i have become cliché . . . redundant.  one is bound to be so in this venue.

 as C.S.Lewis said above  . . . friends share and seek a similar truth.

:: ici ::

there is something very 

therapeutic for me to land on

pretty images, save them,

and weave my thoughts

words in - between.

i am such a visual person. perhaps

it's my own version of meditation.

i am aware that my speech is not particularly eloquent. 

i speak as if  we are sharing coffee, a beer, or on Fridays,

 a bountiful glass of French wine with bread.

when i am away. . .  i miss here!

:: ici ::

here is for me and for you.

here is to inspire.

here is to bring ease when we 

experience trying times.

here is to interject

beauty, creativity, humor, and 

reveal the real and sometimes "off 

beat me".  

( last week there were prayers . . .  and a tongue - in - cheek effort to seek strength

by  paraphrasing  "Alicia" . . . singing myself to . . ."put the "S" on your chest!"

. . . and then came sweet serendipity!  

i landed on the image above at tumblr.

the "S" is cool, but the notion of rolling up the sleeves of a black silky blouse over

a pretty black lace-y "cami" and facing life, takes the edge off too!)

:: ici ::

i am here 

to remind 

ME and YOU

 to SELF CARE . . . 

 . . . and NOT compare!

:: ici ::

have a great week!  see ya in September! 

(p.s. Linda C., i will be there tomorrow to sing a little Neil Diamond with you!
just like last year, the year before and the year before that! )