Friday, September 11, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y . . . r e t o u r n e r à l ' é c o l e

h e l l o L o v e s !

the Grinch and this grandmother have something in common.

hearts that GROW in their story.

* * * 

many of you have been with me since the get go!

. . . before i was a grandmother.

. . . when i found out i was going to be a grandmother.

. . . when i became a grandmother.

. . . when she was two and thought Ina Garten was me making smoothies on the TV.

. . . when her mom told me the story of finding her under her bed, (after falling out of it), 

and Holland looked at me and said . . . "grandma, i was only trying to hide in my perfect dream."

i began thinking about school clothes. just a few pieces to supplement

Chrislyn and Holland's plans for her wardrobe.

i was inspired by Maybelle's cursive calligraphy ribbon via Angela . . . 

i set to take a vintage approach, when seeking her clothes and accessories.

 a little "serendipity" happened at St Vincent de Paul !

4.99 - senior day discount = 2.50
( hmmm...missing belt? i'm going to grab it any way.)

i found this resource for children's leather and  "vegan" the chic way to say

it's not leather belts.   bought two skinny's. . . one red and one black.

(that's Chrislyn's tooth fairy!  soon it will be time to pass it on to Holland.)

H + 4 = Pre-kinder
( i remember thinking about this day on the day she was born)

. . . Wednesday, on her way to her very first day of school.

grandpa D. is responsible for her very first pair of "Hunters".

 she insisted on wearing them.

today, Mr D and I go back to school with a new generation.

 it's grandparents day at Holland's school!

 r e t o u r n e r   à   l ' é c o l e!

( i am guessing that she saved her vintage look for today.)