Friday, January 1, 2016

w o r d 2 0 1 6 = e n g a g e d

b l e s s e d is the 
season which e n g a g e s 
the whole world in a 
conspiracy of l o v e ." 
                                     ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie

 h e l l o L o v e l i e s !!!!


   i'm here, under my cozy throw, writing and catching up with all of you.

 since we are birds of a feather . . . i know you are as likely to be in "recovery mode" as i.

you may be wondering . . . where the heck has Lynne been?

let's just put it this way . . . since the last week of October, i have been fueled for a joy ride.

a ride special enough to be tracked by Norad itself.

lift off was at the arrival of grand # 3!

there was the fabulous trip to Boise for Thanksgiving that i told you about here.

   Ben had a MONSTER TRUCK of a birthday celebration.

we LOVED the new version of  Pacific Northwest Ballet Nutcracker.

we cracked up at this facebook post by Chrislyn . . .

"Please tell me we are not the only family who breaks out costumes to look like characters 
from our favorite Christmas movies. Holland had me rolling wearing Jason's mullet 
wig....anyone else see Ruby Sue from Christmas Vacation?"

it was a wonderful Christmas!

for the record, our hearts have officially outgrown Santa's lap!

two kids were in the house on C h r i s t m a s  morning.

i caught them Camille and Jay, piggy back on the stairs,

engaged in their respective social networking,

 sharing the joy and good cheer of this blessed day!

( e n g a g e d  . . . ? )

on December 28th, Jay asked Camille to marry him.

she . . .  said . . . YES!

Camille's parents flew in for the surprise proposal and engagement party.

* * *

on the 30th, we drove Camille and Jay to the airport. goodbyes are always a bit difficult.

  after we left the airport, Chrislyn texted us this image of  Cam as

she knew we would be sad.  ( thank you, Chrislyn.)

* * *

we were back snug on 34 when Jay texted us this . . . 

. . . they had boarded.

"Pretty sweet way to cap an amazing week!"
"Bragged about my new fiancée Camille and got upgraded to first class." 💍 
"Thank you, @alaskaair!"  — at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac).

an lastly,  an update on my mom and dad . . .

we were blessed that the health hurdles of 2015 were behind them so

they could be . . .  "here for the party"!

2016 = engaged!

with gratitude for your friendship, your daily inspiration and love,

i wish you a Happy New Year 2016!