Wednesday, January 13, 2016

a f t e r t o d a y . . . f r i d a y o n l y

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

 in all honesty, it must be said, i have been falling away from blogging.

though unintentional, my posts were cut in half in 2015.

for me, Blogger has turned into a beast.  it's slow, and half the time my posts do not 

publish for hours.  when i push the publish button, it's any one's guess when

it will appear in blogosphere. i have considered switching to Wordpress or Squarespace.

(i am very intrigued with the format of Squarespace, as it gives the option of responding

by liking as well as leaving a  comment.)

* * *

 the primary reason i pried myself away from my blog

spot was the grim reality of my sedentary obsession, confirmed by my  Fitbit.

i am moving more.
~ this is my visual as i cycle at the gym! ~
( i once owned a racing bike, though i never donned stilettos when i rode.)

do you think that i would get a few "she is a crazy woman" looks
if i tucked a bouquet of fresh flowers into one of the water bottle compartments
of the exercycle at the gym?

i am sleeping, longer and better.
( so my little device tells me . . .)

* * * 

i am not quite ready to abandon my obsession called blogging.

 the inspiration . . . the friendships . . .  the "spot" for me to share my whimsies . . .

. . . and as my family says, blogging feeds "my creative side".

 YOU understand my kind of crazy!

* * *

Instagram has become "my patch" to help overcome my daily sedentary addiction.

it gives me my "just one pic" fix, and i can participate "on the go".

through the miracle of my smart phone, i am able to ride and

visit you via that "god-forsaken" bike at the gym.

(one can peruse blogs and click {I HEART} on Instagram on an exercycle!)

in twenty ~ sixteen,  i will be writing and publishing less

 often, so can make time to visit and comment more often.

  . . . f r e n c h  b r e a d , f l o w e r s , 

f a m i l y and f r i e n d s h i p s on f r i d a y.


:: sources to all images above can be found here,


  1. Wherever you are....I will follow!!!

  2. Yes, a lot is changing with blogging, but I do understand what you are talking about how it lets you feed your creative side. I feel the same way. Not on instagram yet, but I do like some of its vintage looking pics. I guess we have to do what makes us happy, but for now, I'll be content just looking at your splendid posts when you have the time to do them. :) Wishing you happy days in the new year, Lynne.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Oh Lynne I can relate. I also blogged a lot less last year for a variety of reasons and now that I no longer have Windows Live Writer to blog with its added a complication to my blogging ...I'm also having problems with Blogger too--as evident by one glance at my posts. :) but
    i agree with Linda. Whatever your blogging schedule is, I will continue to read and appreciate your lovely posts!

  4. I find it a natural progression. So many blogs have gone away over the years and I switch to new blogs as my interests change too. I refuse to move on to other media simply because I don't want to spend more time on the phone/computer nor have to learn new tech. It is frustrating for me, so I stay on blogger only. Maybe we think we've said and shown it all, but It makes me sad to see people fall off and especially with no explanation, leaving us wondering what happened. I try to do one post a week and I quit trying so hard to please as it didn't seem to matter. So, I just squeak it out to let those who care know I'm still kicking.

  5. I love visiting your blog Lynne… The way I see it, for those of us who blog "for ourselves", there should be no pressure to post. Creativity is personal and should be spontaneous with no pressure to do so in an effort to please others. I love the eye candy on your blog , and your inspirational words, and would hate for you not to be here. I don't consider all of the blogs which I follow as "friends" , but, a select few, such as yours… feels like visiting a friend …I look forward to your future posts, as often as you choose to do so…
    XOXO Mary

  6. Lynne,
    Inspiring words and images once again... I say, "Take flowers to the gym and put them in the water bottle, wear some gorgeous spiky heels, and add a little joy to those at the gym." Your bike won't fall over, so there is no worry about the spiky heels. Wear them only on the bike; wear your sensible workout shoes as soon as you finish the bike.

    And remember to take photos of you on the bike with your spiky heels and fresh flowers.

    Looking forward to reading and being inspired on Fridays...


  7. Lynne, please don't stop blogging! I know it takes a lot of time but I would miss your beautiful words and images!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Oh Lynne, I hope you don't leave blogging, I am awful sometimes I stop by and read and then leave because of time, I mean to come back in the morning and then time gets by. I often am up very late, insomnia and read my favorites due to the beautiful blog style they write in....namely your style here.
    And then I am off to dream land, but here I am this morning, late morning to drop you a line to say I have never had an issue on blogger, and have seen ones leave Wordpress, and others swear by Wordpress :)
    Not sure what to tell you then perhaps write blogger in question as to what is happening, maybe a Scheduled time on the start time of your blog would load it at that very moment instead of publish button? Could try it and see what happens?

    As for the table of bread? Just love that photo....and I say yes to the bouquet of flowers in The water bottle pocket on the gym bike! You go for it....MAYBE even attaching your own bike basket to it and load it down with French Bread, flowers, and a bottle of wine?? Lol

    Love the way you express your joy here!

    See you soon my dear.


  9. I almost missed this post. I sure hope people will continue to blog. I miss my favorites , like you when you are on here. But I know what you are saying about blogger's speed..slow and quirky. If you ever wear heels to ride your bike...get pictures. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. Lynne, I have always loved stopping by to read your awesome posts!! They're all original and prove how imaginative you are. I wish I could write like you. You complete me!! I understand how blogging and all the things with it could drain you of your energy, but maybe with a little break from it, could help! Your blog is brilliant and I'm hoping this is just temporary. Looking forward to your post...Hugs, Jody

  11. Hooray for you Lynne blog when you can we all love it whenever you can. Your posts are always so well thought out and inspiring. I understand your frustration, I feel it too. Blogger is driving me nuts as well.