Wednesday, January 13, 2016

a f t e r t o d a y . . . f r i d a y o n l y

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

 in all honesty, it must be said, i have been falling away from blogging.

though unintentional, my posts were cut in half in 2015.

for me, Blogger has turned into a beast.  it's slow, and half the time my posts do not 

publish for hours.  when i push the publish button, it's any one's guess when

it will appear in blogosphere. i have considered switching to Wordpress or Squarespace.

(i am very intrigued with the format of Squarespace, as it gives the option of responding

by liking as well as leaving a  comment.)

* * *

 the primary reason i pried myself away from my blog

spot was the grim reality of my sedentary obsession, confirmed by my  Fitbit.

i am moving more.
~ this is my visual as i cycle at the gym! ~
( i once owned a racing bike, though i never donned stilettos when i rode.)

do you think that i would get a few "she is a crazy woman" looks
if i tucked a bouquet of fresh flowers into one of the water bottle compartments
of the exercycle at the gym?

i am sleeping, longer and better.
( so my little device tells me . . .)

* * * 

i am not quite ready to abandon my obsession called blogging.

 the inspiration . . . the friendships . . .  the "spot" for me to share my whimsies . . .

. . . and as my family says, blogging feeds "my creative side".

 YOU understand my kind of crazy!

* * *

Instagram has become "my patch" to help overcome my daily sedentary addiction.

it gives me my "just one pic" fix, and i can participate "on the go".

through the miracle of my smart phone, i am able to ride and

visit you via that "god-forsaken" bike at the gym.

(one can peruse blogs and click {I HEART} on Instagram on an exercycle!)

in twenty ~ sixteen,  i will be writing and publishing less

 often, so can make time to visit and comment more often.

  . . . f r e n c h  b r e a d , f l o w e r s , 

f a m i l y and f r i e n d s h i p s on f r i d a y.


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