Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my post is PINK!

 we are going to be grandparents

to a sweet baby girl! we are blessed.
Chrislyn and Jason...in the PINK!
yesterday, Jason's parents just happened to be

in town for a meeting.  we were called together

for an impromptu gathering at

Jason & Chrislyn's home

for the announcement.  the rest of the family

stood by on a conference call.

(i know.., we're over the top!)


Mr Dreams suggested that i go

shopping on the way home from work last night.

he said... "Lynne, buy some boy clothes

and some girl clothes so we will be

prepared for the announcement."


soon we will be travelling to the Land of Nod...

 PB kids and the vintage shops...

it's time to decorate!  whew whoooo! 


today, i will be emailing Jami...at

freckled laundry...subject...baby shoes...

i love the style named after her daughter Edyn!

 The Jimmy Choo {Jami Shoe} of the tiny fashion

set and a talented cutie!

I am starting off the month of LOVE...

 on top of the world!

{with love}

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  1. So cool!!! Excited for your baby girl and now her baby GIRL. Pottery Barn & Vintage Shops? The nursery is going to be darling! Thank you so very much for the sweet things you said about my little shoes, too. I giggled at the Jimmy Choo cross out. Ya know, that was pretty clever! Your happiness & joy just EXUDES all over this post. I'm smiling just reading it. Go you! Congratulations, Chrislyn & Jason!