Saturday, November 2, 2013

just one pic! the local brilliance that has spread around the world!

the cups are red...

... and the spirit of season is kindred.

“The red cups have taken on almost a cultural role, at least in the US, and now in a lot of other markets around the world as well. When the cups turns red at Starbucks, that’s one of the first cues that the holidays are upon us. The emotional connection that our store partners (employees) have when they open that first box of the red cups and start using them that first day, and the emotional connection they see from their customers, that’s what we strive for. They see that surprise and excitement: ‘Oh, the red cups are at Starbucks!’ It’s really special and all of us in the studio feel privileged to do the work that can create such an emotional moment and connection in our stores between our partners and our customers.”
– Terry Davenport, Senior Vice President, Global Brand and Creative Studios at Starbucks
to join in the fun, many of the other coffee houses
 and drive-thru's have been inspired by the mermaid
to go red for the season. 
 when i sip my peppermint mocha or eggnog latte in the pretty
red cup,(under my breath), i make a sweet and warm toast, 
or say a simple little prayer for peace on earth and
good will to all. 
isn't it marketing brilliance at it's best?
happy weekend to you!


  1. Ahhh....RED - the color of life, blood, the current that gives us breath. LOVE! Anita

  2. Oh Lynne, I got my first red cup at Starbucks yesterday! It's true, it gives you a good feeling knowing that the season is coming. Peppermint Mocha sounds delightful - have not tried that one yet.

    I love your prayer for peace on earth and good will to all.


  3. Funny, the red cups really do evoke that holiday feeling. Happy weekend...

  4. Beautiful!! I love how you celebrate LIFE!

  5. Lynn, When I get a cute cup like that filled with a wonderful is like Christmas "for" me. You know Nana Diana is gonna have a big ol' cup like that.:):) xoxo,Susie

  6. I do love Starbuck's...It is such a special little treat for me when I am our running errands. That company really know how to do things right!

    Have a lovely weekend, Lynne! xoxo

  7. It's exciting to know the season is almost upon us. Such a simple marketing reminder. xo Laura

  8. Thank you for your prayers for peace on Earth.
    Starbuks have great Customer service. They went out of their way to brew decaf coffee for my daughter who is not allowed to drink Coffee.

  9. yay! the season is coming soon! :D and the red cup design is just so lovely nd joyful.

  10. Good morning Lynne! BIG HUGS et mille mercis for your visit! And isn't that pear dessert that Jade made glorious? ENJOY! Anita

  11. Oh peppermint mocha for me tooooooo! :) Have a happy fall day! Don't forget to enter my 1000th post celebration giveaways all week long.

  12. What a creative post! Both of my daughters work at Starbucks and it is so true how those red cups make us feel. Glad tidings to all.

  13. Horray for the red cups, let's get some Merry on!!

  14. Huuray! I had my first egg-nog latte of the season and it's such a cosy feeling! Love Linda x

  15. Oh, I didn't know about the cups! I'm a relative newbie to Starbucks. Now I want to go use my gift card!

    Blessings to you!
    Harvest Lane Cottage