Monday, January 20, 2014


have you ever been to HOME GOODS and

found a shopper's "discard" in a completely different

aisle than where the item belongs?

(whew! i apologize for that awkward sentence.)

it all started with a quick little conversation between 

Mr D and i late Friday afternoon...

he called me on his way home from work and said,

"what's for dinner?"

i asked him..."what would you like?"

he said..."i feel like Chinese...take out!"

i said, "i'll pick it up!"

 "see you at home, love you!"

it just so happens that our favorite Chinese restaurant is next door 

to Home Goods.   after ordering dinner, i decided that i would run in

 and pick up a candle for an upcoming trip to Whistler, BC.

while i was in the candle aisle, i  spied...

...this cute little platter! 

it immediately grabbed my fancy, and my curiosity!

when i turned it over and saw the RED STICKER stating 

it was one dollar, i claimed it!

mind you, i didn't have a cart. i was only going in for a candle.

(you and i know that grabbing a cart at Home Goods is dangerous!)

the plate led me to the clearance aisle in dinnerware.

i found one more!

 S W E E T !

i also found a little bread plate, and a cup and saucer.

when i turned them over to check the price,

i noticed that the pieces were marked, 


...and when i lifted that cute little coffee cup?

i took my little dollar finds, and the Alpine Spruce Yankee candle for

our mountain trip to the check out, picked up the Chinese and headed home.

after dinner, i googled Rotisserie and Wine.

i discovered that it was a Tyler Florence restaurant,

that sadly went out of business.

it looked like a lovely place.

 my curiosity also led me to Pinterest.

when entering Rotisserie and Wine there... took me to a French rotisserie at the market in Beaune, France!
(Beaune...that's where Andrea at the French Basketeer goes!)

i then found some lovely images of Burgundy from Pinterest curator

i am pleased to have the simple little pieces of 

restaurant history, as i love the comfort of Tyler Florence's cooking style.

the small platters will be a perfect addition to our French bread on Friday collection.

 the coffee cup, saucer and bread plate will be a special touch for my 

coffee and toast on weekday mornings, after Mr D departs for work!

"a four dollar round trip ticket that took me

from Home Goods to dinner at home... to Burgundy, and back!"

we may have eaten Chinese, but i still found a serving of French bread! 

happy Monday!


( P.S. the Hawks won the game. i apologize for Sherman. he was totally out of "game
winning play" control! we were exhausted and turned in early. thanks for all of your well wishes.)


  1. Now that was a great find! And, I love how your mind works when going to Pinterest, it can be quite a fun journey when I go there too.

    I am so excited that we won yesterday...fingers crossed for the next one. xo

  2. An exciting journey!!! I love that kind of find!! One thing always leads to another - thankfully!

  3. Oh what lovely articles of sheer beauty and skillful design! I prefer WHITE plates as the French use in their restaurants and at home...the food just POPS out in its color and texture on a blank stage of white loveliness! HI LYNNE! Comment ça va chère amie?

    Bonne journée! Anita

  4. I was transported to each place along your quest for more info, and had a vicarious vacation with you. Can't help but wonder where the beautiful metal business sign with its logo ended.... Wouldn't that be a fantastic backsplash behind a Viking stove? I can see it now...embedded with some dark slate-looking reclaimed tiles. Rotisserie...perfect word for a kitchen stove area.

    I feel a HomeGoods trip coming...


  5. I like your new plate and cup, Lynne. I just went to Home Goods yesterday and didn't see them. Home Goods is one of my favorite stores. Napa in California has some beautiful wine country, and I've seen some of it myself. So glad you got a cup from there. You can think of your friend, Sheri, when you drink out of it hehehe.

    Have a wonderful week.


  6. Ahh, what a great story! Love your new dishware. You just never know what you'll find waiting for you in Home Goods!

  7. I love a story like this...especially all of my Homegoods stories involve an empty wallet. I really, really like the dishes, I'm sad that Tyler's restaurant didn't make it, I really like him, but you have a great souvenir! Maybe there are more dishes lurking there along the west coast.


  8. I love your new dishes, and I love a great deal from Homegoods. I laughed at your comment that it is dangerous to get a cart, very true.

    I hope that you have a wonderful week!

  9. Your new dishes are so pretty Lynne. We can always rely on Home Goods for a great find…love that store, going there today! Enjoy your day…
    Ciao bella, Mary

  10. Isn't Home Goods the best? + love it when you find something unexpected + makes my heart race + happy Tuesday.

  11. What great finds. Our Home Goods is across town so I don't go there too often. xo Laura

  12. Great find! Home Goods? Must check this out (and found the basketeer site wonderful...did not find a link to the store though?)

  13. What a fantastic find at Home Goods Lynne! My husband and I dined at Rotisserie and Vine in Napa when they first opened. I'm a fan of Tyler Florence too and it was a lovely experience. How fun for your to have a little piece of Napa Valley (and France) from H.G. I'm a 49er fan (ohhh Steve Young!) but congrats on the win!!! ;)