Saturday, January 18, 2014


hellooooo, darlings!

i don't know about you but,

i am tired of  V I R U S E S !

 i debugged myself...

...and my laptop!

 i have lost you...

...and  have found you.

(i am still having problems leaving comments on
the blogs that are formatted where the comment
form is an additional window that pops up!
i know that i am not using the proper terms.
i  will email, unless you have " no reply blogger".)

"nightmare before after Christmas shoes"
:: ici ::

 my Christmas Hugs and Kisses Virus...

...lasted exactly two weeks!

Dec 29th thru January 12th...the cough lingered.

i am hearing some of you are down with it now!

this is going to be a tough flu season.

i hope you have (or had) your flu shots if you are able (or were able)  to do so!

have the ingredients for Chicken Soup on hand!

Hunter Rag & Bone... dream boot! the perfect boot for the PacNWest!

my beautiful friend and Pacific Northwest blog neighbor,

 Leslie has a wonderful recipe here!


tomorrow is a big day around here!

the 49ers are coming!

i'll have some pretty Seattle spirit to share before the game!




  1. I hope you are 100% now. Everyone in our family got a quick 2 day flu.

    Love those boots.

  2. Glad you are better. I really, really, really need those boots

  3. We STILL have a cough but I'm going to get some cough drops today. It's more of a tickle cough!
    Tomorrow is a BIG football day! We are going to church and then coming home to spend the entire afternoon in the den watching! I'm soaking beans today to cook tomorrow with a big ham bone.
    Louis Dean is for the 49's but I will root for your Seahawks!! Glad you are feeling better! It is NO fun being sick!

  4. I am glad you are feeling better. Chicken soup is the best medicine. I am seriously wanting those boots... I don't really have a dog in the fight tomorrow, but will be watching. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm. Bonnie

  5. Those are fabulous boots and my dream is to take a pair of these and go walking in the Highlands of Scotland or run about in a meadow in England with the sheep!

    Be well dearest Lynne! Anita

  6. I haven't been ablt to comment on the blogs where the extra window pops up either. Tried it on Firefox and I am able to do it there. It must be some problem with Google Chrome. I also got rid of my Google+ because it was causing me problems. Keep warm, my friend. xo Laura

  7. I hope you're feeling better now, Lynne. These virus' can last for so long. Leslie's chicken soup does look delicious, and I was telling her that whenever any of us starts to come down with something, my husband makes a big pot of chicken soup. Makes us all feel better.

    Get well, my friend, and have a nice weekend.


  8. I have heard this season's virus is treacherous!
    I have been taking Airborne- an old teaching tool I used forever.
    And then to top it off- like you-
    I had a terrible computer virus.
    Enjoyed visiting, and I am a new follower.

    White Spray Paint

    Enjoyed visiting this morning.
    I hope you are fully recovered.