Monday, January 13, 2014



absolutely adorable


contagiously cheerful



i found it HERE!

thank you, Oh Happy Day!

you MADE this girl's Monday morning!



what a busy and productive weekend it was!

(...and i still have energy?!)

first of all...

way to go SEAHAWKS! was a nail - biter  at the end!

we all know that facing Drew Brees is never a breeze!

we are on our way to the NFC championship game!

we will be playing San Francisco for the third time this season!

we have earned the home field advantage!

the game will be played in "the Clink", where the fans

 are the the moment...according to Guinness!

for those of you who watched Saturday's game, you viewed 

our hellacious weather!   i was out in our

back yard "battening down the hatches" more than once.

:: ici ::

(i had to take my out of control frizzy hair to the flat iron twice!)

the wind and the rain were very unforgiving!

we watched the game, warm and cozyat our friends house!

this image is definitely photo shopped, but the fans do toss bags of skittles to Marshawn.

my son, Jay is in 7th heaven right now.  he rarely goes on facebook...

...he's a tweeter, and

 has a pretty sizable local following in Boise.

Saturday, his fb went "upper status" and his tweets were like the

the first day of Spring!

the sports fans of  Boise had to endure a bit of 

home grown Seattle sports guy love mixed with the tweets

proclaiming Boise's sports highlights of the day.

i actually asked him if he slept in his Marshawn Lynch football

jersey the night before the game, because he was wearing it at 7am!


before the game, i took Mom for her makeover.

she left with new foundation, mineral veil, brushes and color

for her eyes, cheeks and lips!

she went home and tossed out the old! ...brushes and all!

her vanity is fresh and new for the new year! 

with Mr D working the weekend, it was the perfect opportunity to spend some

one on one time with my parents!  my gifts to them, usually

involve an activity and time together.

yesterday was Dad's day!  i took him see The LeMay Car Collection!

both Dad and this Chrysler arrived in 1929!

i also baked him his favorite mincemeat baby pies.

(they sell homemade mincemeat at our butcher shop

during the holidays. i buy it and freeze it so i can surprise

dad now and then!)

here in the State of Washington, we pump our own gas.

how nice would it be if our gas stations were flourished with

illuminated crowns and fleur d' lis like days of old?

i  could not resist grabbing this image to share with all of you!


for the living room, i brought out some fresh down and

lavender filled pillows.

 i have four little pieces of  "Montmartre" mid-century Red Wing dinnerware

that i found at a local antique mall a couple years ago.

 the little dishes make wonderful coasters, and catch my earrings now and then.

on Fridays, i'll take two of them into the kitchen to wash and fill with

pieces French bread and Camembert, to be served with a good glass of red.

Mr D will watch a little TV, and i'll visit Elizabeth's Friday favorites, here.

( i look forward to the return of French bread on Fridays.)

i wish you all a great week!

(...yes, my beloved Chrislyn...i'll be leaving for the gym in about 15 minutes!)



  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend...I love the "Bonjour" sign!

  2. Wow what a busy weekend and congrats on your team. Your dad looks pretty happy. :)

  3. What a wonderful FUN post!! You have been a busy gal!!! Congrats on the Seahawks win! I admit I was rooting for the Saints but a winner is a winner and I hope they do well next week! I usually root for my 'pretty boys' - you know - the quarterbacks. Peyton Manning is one of my favorite!

  4. It sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend! Your dad looks great!
    I hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. What a wonderful post, Lynne. You have been busy and I suppose if the Packers didn't make it I can root for your team! Love that your son had such fun with his tweets. Did he sleep in his shirt?;>) Hope you have a great week, Lynne! xo Diana

  6. Loved reading this fulfilled post! Have a wonderful week...Bonnie

  7. Well, since our Chargers are out of the running, we will root for the Seahawks, seeing as how some of our best friends live in Seattle. Priscilla will be in Seattle this weekend to visit her bestie
    and will likely catch the game, if not at the stadium, at least with other Hawks fans… Good luck to your team Lynne!
    Ciao Bella, Mary

  8. Hello Lynne dear-your blog is looking lovely and your new project is adorable. The pic of your dad warms my heart. It's been 5 years since my dad passed and you know us girls, we love our dads.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on Stylemindchic. I'm just catching up after being under the weather. Fun post!
    xx, Heather